Sonic Weapons The Cuba Involvement

Sonic weapons are they fiction or Real



This is the first question we must all ask our selves are these weapons fiction or in-fact real ? From the Gamer to the protester to the common person caught in the wrong place at the wrong time . Sure enough those of us in the Gaming world and those submerged in fictional book reading and TV shows for that matter are quit familiar with sound and or vibration weapons .

Sonic weapon the Cuba Involvement

These sonic weapons are quit real .
They are used as a none lethal method for crowed control but can become more deadly


There is a simple answer to this question and that is YES they are real But to simply say it was Cuba well that is kind of tough to chew off and spit in the spittle of truth . There are some very important things to remember that occurred during the suggested involvement of Cuba for example but not limited to .
1 ) Cuba sanctions were lifted
2 ) Cuba allows Russia to set up military base
3 ) Russian spy ships traveling up and down East Coast
4 ) Russian air craft enter US air space
5 ) Russian air craft fires EMP device crippling US Naval Ship

Do not get me wrong I by know means am pointing the finger at Russia or Putin . As I will show these weapons actually exist we must also keep in mind we live in a very well balanced world wen it comes to domestic or military applications . Please enjoy the next two videos as they show some of the examples I mentioned .







Who should be concerned about the Sonic Weapon

Sonic weapon the Cuban involvement

Protesters need to be informed about the use of Sonic weapons before protesting

Well I have compiled a short list although it should not be limited to .
1 ) Pirates trying to rob US Naval or domestic ships
2 ) Those that are in conflict with the US or other Governments

3 ) Protesters whom hit the streets to voice there opinion

So what are the side effects of being struck by a Sonic weapon ?
1 ) Becoming nauseous

2 ) Disorientation

3 ) Loss of hearing

4 ) blood disease

5 ) Organ disruption and disfigurement

Depending upon the Sonic weapon used and the strength as well as radiation levels used . There are many more side effects not listed above please see the following links below for further information .

Sonic weapons are not New

Sonic Weapon the Cuba Involvement

Sonic weapons are not new and the studies have been going on since before or during the Vietnam war

Sonic weapons are not new and as a matter of fact testing these particular devices began sometime before or during the Vietnam war and was used as a voodoo type mission . But according to a Gizmodo article such a thing is nearly impossible to quit unheard of please see the following link straight out of the archives of Gizmodo I give you Cuba’s Deafening Sonic Device . One of the questions posed in the Gizmodo article was how could they get that accurate of an aim in order to damage the inner ear ? Please enjoy the next video to understand how accuracy is obtained during crowed control .





For further reading and history severity and deployment as well as whom has deployed the sonic devices straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Sonic Weapon And Deployment .

In Conclusion

As you might have noticed from the wikipedia article Sonic weapons were deployed at the G – 20 , in New York City and during the pipeline protest . Although they were deployed I am unsure of there use although there was some scuttle but about the one at the G – 20 event being left unattended . These are for the most considered none lethal deterrents in the category of stun guns but obviously can be amped up to be quit harmful . So the question looms who was behind the sonic Cuban incident ? As we can see fingers began pointing quickly . I hope you have enjoyed this article have a nice day riding the wave of SONIC WEAPONS THE CUBAN INVOLVEMENT I am out .

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