Solar Power And Change


Solar Power


Solar power its Ben kicked around mulled around danced around and even created to an extent of a very costly price .
If I was to buy electric that was another source than our now fossil fuels which are natural gas , coal and nuclear power I would have to pay more .

Other countries are thriving off there wind and solar productions so I have asked myself and friends how could this be and most of my friends came up with the most abrasive and saddening story which was our own politicians own stocks and bonds in oil and gas commodities so when anyone takes a risk to develop some of the infrastructures of solar power at a reasonable price there either heavy tax laden-ed or there bought out .
And it is said these things are not cost effective or they wont be effective enough to make it worth your while .
Well I wanted to share with you this one gentlemen idea for hurricane preparedness in case the power went out during an emergency . Straight from the hackaday archives .


Five million Dollar Solar Incentive or Money Pilfering


Here is another thought who in there right mind would give 5 million dollars to a company that makes one product ( roof solar power panels ) I mean whats the selling point .
I mean you have phones but everybody talks on them and there is many stile and makes there is cars but many styles and makes and for the most part everyone drives one .
If you give 5 million dollars to a solar panel company that only makes solar panels but people are already thinking past them in there own cognitive mind there are ways to deploy this technology without it being a solar power panel on a roof .
So was this just another downplay of solar power economics or a way to pilfer money to some conservative group .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of dailytech i give 5 million to the all ready bankrupt company .


Solar Devices People Need and Want


People need and want small devices something that looks of age they can stick in there back yard and solar power one or two rooms to start that are inexpensive.
Are technology has advanced so much but has Ben hampered by the dimensions of someones wallet .
Our power companies as we know them today do a great job , they keep everything up to par wen something breaks they fix in the most time efficient fashion for our solar power devices .


In Conclusion


But here is the thing wen things change for example the phone companies cell phones had Ben kicked around for some time but wen the eventual Chang happened some people unfortunately lost there job.
Its considered a big infrastructure commodity Chang .
Our society as a whole relies on certain things such as food ,water, electric and phones , cars , oil , gas. When one of these fall below its valuable rate society as a whole can suffer until what ever it is replaced by evens the playing field .
People say well the technology is just not there to bring it at a cost effective efficient way I say hogwash .
What we need is someone who has plenty of money who cant be bought out or bullied by anyone including but not limited to high government officials to take the stance .
And the government should be taking a overall stance to promote solar power and green peace actions getting away from the oil mongers as well as nuclear power .
Have a nice solar powered surfing day peace .


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