Solar Cells Hack


Spray painting solar Cells

This idea sounds huge , This painting of solar cells is to be said to apply to any surface .
There talking cars , trucks , light posts , houses you name it .
Straight out of the archives of engadget I give you spray painting solar cells .




The pant Hack

This is such an exciting concept I figured I would bring you a video to get your feet wet ( or colorful ) .
This video shares the concept , experiment and results in a very minimal setting and time frame .
Enjoy .





The Great Next Picasso with Paint Hack

This was an idea that popped up into my head .
We are all art lovers to one extent to the other and the art field of painting in it self shows no boundaries to the proper ongoing Picasso whether it is a recreation or a magnificent original .
I see a capable paint hack where in the start up you can plug the fundamental devices in to be recharged ( Cell Phone , I Pad ECT . ) Threw a creative painter using solar cell paint .
And wen the technology improves could possibly power other house hold devices ( lamps , refrigerators and so on ) threw a regular magnificent painting hanging on the wall .
Tripling profits possibly even on recreations .
So for this reason I am bringing you this art show of recreations with prices so you can get the feel of the marketing value if you added solar cell paint into the mix .





In Conclusion

Keep in mind these are from what I understand to be oxide paints and such and I do not know what if any toxic materials are present so please do your home work in this area first .
This sounds like good solid advancement in the solar industry .
As I have indicated in some of my prior articles a solar congress needs to be created to unite all of these great ideas and to enable greater and stronger funding and marketing resources similar to the oil companies .
Peace have a clean healthy solar day surfing I am out .


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