Snowden 3


The Time is Ticking

That is right folks time is running out on Edward Snowdens Asylum in Russia the last tick of the clock will be Thursday .
The question is will they make him stew till the last final moment ?
Straight out of the archives of RT I give you Snowden as the clock ticks .






In Conclusion

Well its time to see where the ca-honeys are at , thats right I said it .
On the one hand we have President Obama , Will he step up to the plate and offer Amnesty to Edward Snowden and say come home son and we will get to the bottom of this ?
On the other hand we have President Vladimir Putin , will he step up and say I have got your back you can stay ?
The problem is that President Vladimir Putin and the Russians are already facing heavy handed sanctions put forth by President Obama weather it has to do with the war in Russia or the fact of Snowdens Asylum ?
And if President Obama can not find in his heart to offer amnesty to Snowden it kinda makes me wonder if he himself would be worried about incriminating himself in this mess ?
In any event President Vladimir Putin if he dose not want to renew Edward Snowdens Asylum he should help Snowden gain Asylum some where else in my opinion .
So tell us what you think should happen , would you like to know the truth or political lies and cover ups ?
Who knows how this will turn out but best of luck Edward Snowden and to your family .
I am out .


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