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Hope X

I first heard of Hope X on Google + and what intrigued me was Edward Snowden getting together with other whistle blowers / hackers of the past to discus many important things and would be the conference of the century to which hopefully will bring about the proper changes in the world and our own government as well as amnesty at some point for Snowden .
But first I would like to talk a little about Hope X , by the sounds of there web site Hope X is a highly functional Hackers place to do all hack fun stuff and learn many important hackable things so if you have the funds or are in the journalist field this is a conference to a must buy ticket to which can be done on-line by regular currency or bit-coin so if you have a bunch of bit-coins and have Ben wondering what to do with them there ya go the best bit-coin perches you ever will make in my opinion .
I think there is an under lying story there I think I remember reading something about new York and bit-coin but so as not to get off topic I will leave it alone for now .
Hope X is like the mega conference for all Hackers although being this is serous business and things need to move quickly there are strong rules to adhere to whether it be for the journalist wanna be , the journalist or the hacker or common ticket holder .
As always I could go on and on about this most exciting web site and there conferences there live streams or there updating E-mail alerts but it is most important for you ( YES YOU ) the reader to go do some home work and get your feet wet or dive right in with that good old scuba tank , IE ( EXTRA TANKS IMPARATIVE ) gear .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Hope X I give you Hackers Extreme .


Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden met with Hope x via video conference , it is the must see video of the century .
He goes into many explanations with a robust humors attitude .
There were a Group of other whistle blowers / hackers with in the conversation and if you don’t know them break out your most favorite browser and do your home work .
So it is time for you to check it out and listen to the people who dared to step up to the plate and put there lives on the line to point out the wrongs that have Ben hidden from Americans and around the world .
I Emphasize again a must see video conference with Elsburg , Timm and Snowden thanks to Hope X .
So without further delay straight out of the Hope X archives I give you the must see and here Conference of the century .





Its going to get worse before it gets better .


Suggestions From Snowden

Journalist take cover you have incoming take heed .
New whistle blowers / hackers make sure you have documentation to back up your statement less they mean nothing until documentation is brought forth .
I could go on and on but it is best for each reader to do there own home work in order diminish the button scenario .
Have a nice free full journalist day hopefully ( HOPE X ) without fear of censorship and having to withhold the truth I am gone .


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