Shed Moving 101 Old School

Old School shed Moving


Say you have a shed in the back yard but you want to move it .
The first thing I would like to emphasize is safety .
The other thing is my disclaimer right up front proceed at your own risk Doing any type of work like this can be dangerous .
Grephaxs nor its affiliates will not take any responsibility if you choose to proceed past this point .

Shed moving Tools

Remember these are the tools grephaxs and affiliates used and at any given time whether it be for safety or otherwise a tool may need to be added .
1 ) PVC Piping ( The size must be of good thickness as to hold the wait of shed )
2 ) 3 and a half ton Automotive jack
3 ) Two four wheel dollies ( with the strength two support two corners of the shed )
4 ) One hack saw
All these items can be purchased at Home Depot and or Lowe’s .
Most people may just call a shed moving company but we did it old school to save the consecutive dollar .
Also make sure to check for applicable permits but for the most part moving a shed from one section of the yard two the other shouldn’t require one .

Examining the Shed

Examine the shed even if your familiar with the shed .
Things to look for but limited to are :
1 ) How is the structure of the shed ( is the floor solid and so on )
2 ) Is there or was there any ( Electricity running to the shed )
3 ) Is there anything in the way that will obstruct the move ( Trees or shrubbery )

4 ) Is the shed anchored to the ground ( if so they must be removed )

Jacking and moving the Shed

After examining the shed if you have notice electric running two it this must be dealt with properly never ever assume it is not live use a safety moment and take precaution .
The other thing to consider is the direction the shed needs to go in and the purpose of the PVC piping ( PVC piping purpose of operation is sliding ) ( 6 to 8 Required depending on size of shed )
Once everything checks out center jack to one end of the shed and jack to an acceptable hight in order to place the PVC piping under shed .
Once the shed is jacked up on one end ( both corners should be off the ground ) place full peace of the PCV pipe under the shed and than another half way ( of course if you need to spin the shed the procedure may differ ) so as to make a runner  , lower jack move to the other end repeat jacking procedure and placement of PVC piping lower jack .
If the proper size PVC piping was used it should be well supported and two grown men or woman should now be able to push the shed and as you go along move first piping to the front .
This may or may not require further jacking but in grephaxs case it was moved to concrete for further toting and with the 3 and half ton jack and two four wheel dollies for two of the rear corners made it easy .

In Conclusion

Remember safety is always paramount to any ongoing project and as I said before proceed at your own risk .
Think about what your doing first it is easy to lose a finger foot arm in or doing high or low caliber construction work so be on your toes .
This has Ben @grephaxs original thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome .
Have a great day riding the grephaxs wave and move that SHED BABY I am out .

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