Security Hacking No Matter Together

Security and Hacking


Everyone I know what your thinking how can these two terms ( Security and Hacking ) fit in the same realm and co exist ?
Well it is quit obvious ladies and gentlemen , let me try to put it in the most easiest term that I think everyone will understand ( wen you open a door you automatically no how to close it .
Every Hacker knows about security and every security officer and or professional knows hacking .

Security Hacking and wiki Leaks

Everyone has heard of wiki leaks from one extent or another but if you haven’t or do not think you have let me give you a brief brush up .
Wiki leaks is a organization that brings fourth transparency were it is hidden and unjust the head of wiki leaks is and has Ben gaining asylum .
I myself do not have much information or links to any of there affiliated sites because for the most part I am an observer and of-course they do not need me mucking there situation up .
Being that said remember Sony and all the hacking they endure with the breach of security of there movie on Korea ?
Well it appears the issue was turned over to wiki leaks but hey enough of my clamoring about it sit back and enjoy this nice little video straight out of the archives of RT .



Security hacking and the Black hat Convention

Thats right folks the black hat convention dealing with all kinds of security protocol from network penetration to the mobile implication .
But remember these are the pros and nothing comes cheap but if your anybody from owning a business to pushing a button on keyboard you will make sure you or your people will be there .
I first heard about this on Google + and by the way if you do not have a Google + Account I say you pfff because your missing out on so much .
As I was on my Google + Account a post came from none other than the EFF themselves .
Just who is the EFF ? The people whom look our Digital Rights using security and hacking in the most comprehensive way .
I am about to share there Paige for the black hat convention but just remember this organization is in your court wen the system fails you so take a stance at minimum keep them aligned with you .
The real good news for members of the EFF they get a discount at the black hat security conference .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of the EFF I give you the BLACK HAT CONVENTION .

Security black hats and all Others

Still not convinced you or your affiliates should be there hmm well I could see why you have not seen the line up .
Once you see the line up your jaw will most likely drop and if you are anybody your heart will pump and be like I am going .
The courses they are offering are so comprehensive and intense how could you miss out ?
But enough of my intermediate encouragement it is time for you and yes I said ( YOU ) to chose for yourself for you are the security officer of your device , business , APP and game or mobile network .
Without further delay right out of the archives of blackhat I give you the BLACK HAT CONVENTION LINE UP .

In Conclusion


Just remember these are the pros very enlightened and intelligent so go learn how to do the things that will give you the notch up .
Security and all hats go hand in hand one can not do without the other so have fun it will be a great August .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of the BLACK HAT I am out .

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