Security 2016 And What Is Coming

Security 2016 who dose it Belong Too

No matter what year it is security belongs to you wen it comes to your device whether it is a phone , PC and laptop or that matter your toaster . But first we must take some drop kicks into the past up until now and discover what we know and then digest this knowledge in hopes to come across a formidable plan . But whom would this plan be for ?


Here is the jaw dropping eyebrow lifting news the plan not only needs to encompass the common end user but every organization . The whole infrastructure of or legal system from the president to the lawyer client confidential privilege is at risk ( No Fair Trials ) .
Our own governments spying on Government oversight programs as well as every intimate episode of a person life .

What we no about security issues Prior 2016

We actually know a lot about security issues orchestrated by our governments do to the Edward Snowden files . Things that most large companies and Organizations may not be aware of is the extent of espionage that has been accomplished by not only the bad guys but our governments as well . Imagine your company or Organization goes to some type of sponsored meeting and at the end of the meeting your people return home quit harmless . A few days Weeks or months even pass and then your company receives a follow-up CD on how everything that went down and procedures to follow . But without your company and there vast security team being aware the software in route was intercepted and mail ware was implanted on it . Not just any mail ware this highly sophisticated mail ware was capable of sending information back to who implanted it and over wrote firmware for the hard drive .
The firmware was overwritten in such a way to build a privet storage area so if the hard drive was reformatted it would not lose any DATA . So guise this explains why Governments destroys DATA as I explain in an article I had written in October of 2014 . Straight out of the archives of grephaxs I give you Hacking Data Recovery take a look and see how the PROS get rid of DATA . The hard drives that were effected and how many that are still infected in the UNITED States we are unsure of .
The ones we know of thanks to arstechnica are as follows .
1 ) Western Digital
2 ) Maxtor
3 ) Samsung
4 ) IBM
5 ) Micron
6 ) Toshiba
7 ) Seagate
Without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the security risk prior 2016 and ongoing .

Other things said about security prior to 2016

No INTERNET needed for spying by NSA see this next video with John McAfee as he talks about spying against ourselves the NSA and Banks .



Security 2016 and where we are Heading

Security in 2016 dose not appear to be getting any better if you know anything about IOT . If you have not heard of IOT it stands for Internet Of All Things that is right all things connected to the Internet Toasters , refrigerators , TVs you name it there plains to connect it . For those who have never heard of IOT straight out of the archives of wiwkipedia I give you the definition of IOT . After seeing or partially understanding IOT it sounds harmless enough and quit promising until you watch the next video where John McAfee talks about a toaster that transmitted a conversation in china . That is right once all devices are hooked into the net they all will have the potential to listen into our privet lives .
So set back and enjoy this next video .



Security 2016 and world war 3

Could it be possible could security of 2016 bring fourth world war three ? Well according to John McAffee and me yes it is most likely although our reasons may very . His claims on cyber world war three as far as I am aware relies on the medaling our US Government plays in there espionage and the manipulation in other countries but I believe this to be just a corner stone . Sit back and enjoy this next video as John McAfee explains his theory and why he wishes to be president .




In Conclusion

Cyber world war three is coming whether we like it or not and although there is a lot of profits to be made in connecting all things to the INTERNET this I believe will be the catapult . As we move closer to the INTERNET connected to all things brings EMP weapons to a heighten risk as well as black mail from foreign countries as happened wen Russia was owed money . Winter was coming along Russia said pay up or we shut your gas off remember that ? The same could or most probably will happen once all things are connected and as the United States has no in house industry . So as you can see security 2016 is looking pretty bleak the espionage will continue to undermined our society as a whole and as we connect everything we are put at further risk of blackmail . The biggest kill switch ever orchestrated by foreign Governments with an agenda or just wanting to get paid or looking for there gold that we do not have .
Have a great day riding the wave of SECURITY 2016 I am out .

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