Renewable Energy Finally

Renewable energy survival Mode

Renewable Energy finally is in the grasp of the common man but like every given product it has to start somewhere .
That somewhere is where it grasp people right by the seat of there pants and what better place for this to happen than during a survival situation .

Imagine your miles away from any of the normal conveniences we all take for granted and you have no place to charge your cell phone , computer and or other devices used for communication or to get the job done .

Renewable energy and the Survivalist

renewable energy in order to survive

The renewable energy for the survivalist and who is that it is YOU

The Survivalist just whom are theses people and ware do they come from ?
Well most people wen they think of the survivalist as the mountain climber or the hiker and the geologist .
And yes of course they are but theses people are the extreme survivalist and most likely the first to upgrade there survival gear for there extreme situation .
But there is another survivalist many do not think of there called the bill payers .
Putting every penny they make into surviving our everyday economic times barely scraping by .
I personally am privileged to know some of theses people some more extreme than others .
Some of the most extreme of these survivalist have no room for wants and take nothing for granted one mistake from there survival mode would shove them over the edge to there life collapsing as they know it .
These extreme survivalist unplug everything not in use shut off water heaters and so on just to get by a little easier .

Add renewable energy to your Survival Kit

Building up your survival kit is crucial in or world whether it is because your hiking in the Alps or your just trying to make it through our economic times .
Sure enough renewable energy has Ben on the playing field for awhile now but most devices such as solar panels are out of the price rang of the common person .
But now things are about to change .
And I call all survivalist whether small or extreme or from just an economic stand point .
Get ready to gear up and add the Trinity portable wind Turbine .
It is small light weight and affordable as well as connecting to most modern devices .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of Gizmag I give you the Trinity PORTABLE WIND TURBINE .

Renewable energy and Countries

choose renewable

make the choice while you still have it .
Renewable energy for YOU the survivalist

Renewable energy in America has Ben hampered for centuries although there are movements to change this but there still a long way to go .
The major reason behind this slow movement is how the country is run and it is no secret .
The needs of the Government meet the needs of the people .
The need for Electricity is big and from both sides the government and the people the question is how to solve the need and keep everybody happy ? The Governments answer is simple and works in most cases .
Tell everyone they need a product or service this is there big marketing tool .
It make sense but wen it comes down to the battle of Electricity and how it is made the Government is still pushing the oil button ( even though this causes death and destruction ) .
Most of the problem boils down to new Technology and the reason I say this is in the midst of our advancement it takes major electric to run such things like Quantum computers or even super computers for that matter .
The more we stay on the same Paige with the government and utilize the given kilowatt accumulated threw fracking or other resources that include the oil mongers way kilowatts stay cheap .
Wen we deviate from this and go renewable kilowatt prices for the government and others whom still use it will sore this is were the real battle is to be fought .
For other countries it may be easier to overcome this feat depending upon there reliance on the oil mongers ways .

Renewable energy and the country that stands OUT

chose the side of renewable energy

The war wages on renewable energy saves lives water and soil

The Renewable energy is a tough nut to crack but there are some countries whom have achieved such feats .
As more and more Data is released in these outstanding achievements come about the stronger the push will be .
So what country is this that has accomplished this well none other than the U.K. , it has Ben reported that for the first time renewable energy has overtaken all other kinds in usage .
Straight out of the archives of Gizmag I give you the report with Data of RENEWABLE ENERGY OVERTAKES FOSSIL FUEL in the U.K.

In Conclusion

Well people from the U.K. I would like to scream ( YES ) finally somebody is getting it right .
And to all Americans and anyone reading this I give you this challenge take that play from the play-book of the U.K. and the use of the Trinity portable wind turbine .
We are all survivalists to one extreme to another and change is never easy but Americans were not born on easy street .
As long as the American Government fights for the use of fossil fuel whether it be nuclear or from fraking ( which contaminates water and soil and propagates other dis-functional diseases ) we are all at risk .
I guess the biggest challenge that could be set forth is for all scientists near and far to take renewable electricity and bring it to a kilowatt use that would satisfy the masses which includes the Government .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of RENEWABLE ENERGY I am out .

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