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Race Of The Century


Everyone’s in  the world is always in a race race of the century. At one time it was gold than oil wars have Ben fought over both and then there was space the big rush to get there first but now the big race raps around Technology , you have the Russians the Chinese and Americans and anyone else willing to get in on the big race probably many more than will be mentioned in this article. The Russians managed to spend millions if not trillions on there super liquid cooled computer in the big rush to be the first and compete with the rest of the world. This was and is a big accomplishment for the Russians .
But then in the whole rush we jump into Quantum computers the super of the super this appears to be some of the greatest jump ever with this rush to be number one as seen in this video.


Imagine you wonder what are the fastest computers for 2014 and what Os is rocking them and what companies are making them well of course theirs IBM and Linux OS two name a few but take a look for yourself as this video sports the top ten fastest computers of 2014.

This is all great technology although someone has to corrupt things so many good things could come from Quantum computing hopefully we will take use of this technology in the proper and sound way not to destroy and corrupt our own society as portrayed in this video by the NSA.

This last video explains exactly how Quantum computers work and some of the benefits and some of the particular downfalls of Quantum computing for the common user.


In Conclusion


So I guise the questions remain where are we really heading in this big race for the super duper computers of the world will we ever see Quantum reality or totally submerged coolant within our own systems. These are great steps by highly intelligent people that shouldn’t go to waste on destruction of our own society or the preposition of war against one another. These new findings should be there to ensure the duality of mankind as a whole , to help cure Cancer, HIV and other terrible disease . We should not turn it into another Hiroshima or pearl harbor or 9/11 incident. The reason i tittled this where the big boys play is to acknowledge and to give a pat on the back to all the men and women for all the good work done these are high achievements hopefully it wont go to waste over corrupt ventures. Have a super computer day .


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