Privacy And Who Has Stood The Longest

Privacy and Librarians


I am sure the title could be debatable but Librarians have sure reared there heads .
Tacking on the infrastructure fight from the FBI straight to Washington DC .

According to the guardian way before the infamous Edward Snowden made his representations of privacy infringements propagated by the NSA Librarians were hot on there trail .
As well and I quot from the guardian article ( Librarians were our first search engines ) and in the midst to some degree protecting our rights to read and dream as well as think without infringement .
Without further delay I give you Librarians protecting our privacy straight out of the archives of the guardian .

Privacy Librarians and Technology

No matter what library you enter these days there is a computer center to which you can access and travel the world wide web .
Notedly I would like to state I am unsure of the whole privacy infrastructures threw library networks .
What I do know is at some point Librarians across the U.S. and probably beyond were using the TOR Network .
Now whether this was to protect the privacy of patrons or just for there protection I am unsure .
But in order to bring you up to speed on this I will refer you to an earlier article I wrote .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of grephaxs I give you Tor Librarians .

Privacy Tor and Librarians

Was this the right choice for Librarians and did it work ?
Obviously the lobbying technique worked on the privacy end up to this point but as far as using the Tor Network I am not so sure .
You should make your own decisive decision and to help you along I will refer to yet another article I had written recently .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of grephaxs I give you Tor Running With The Onion .

Privacy Tor Librarians and the derivative

The strengthening of our privacy and the bring back of the 4 th Amendment was all propagated by the collapse and expiration of the Patriot act .
But if you haven’t Ben keeping up or would like to just brush up I will refer you to yet another recent article I have written .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of grephaxs I give you The Patriot Act Has Expired .

In Conclusion

But wait there is more to go in the midst of privacy .
Everyone is so ready to just break out the juke box and throw the conventional block party or for the pure Southerner ( Ho down ) .
In the midst of the expiration of the Patriot Act other provisions were put in place kinda of like a Government safety net just encase this had happened .
Now warrants must be obtained .
So the undercut here for privacy is who can write the warrant and determine probable cause ?
The last I heard the FBI had this capability well under there belt and rumor has Ben stated threw different news groups the FBI is collecting massive DATA threw Ariel video cams and false cell towers .
This conclusion has something written all over it .
It is called do your homework research just do not take my word for it and owe ya leave a comment .
Peace have a great day riding your PRIVACY wave for truly it is yours I am out .

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