Spinning Soap Opera Lies And Deception

Spinning the soap Opera

The soap opera created by the implemented medias used by many to rule the day and the night .
If anyone at all have been watching any part of world affairs you might happen to notice the whole soap opera attitude . Something that all media groups have found prominent with in today’s society as a want and a having partiality to addictive behavior . Within this soap opera throwing in the hokey mentality of beating each other up side the head and unfortunately there are many that enjoy this not realizing the seriousness of the situation . If you were paying attention during the presidential race Hillary and Trump had quit the love hate relationship . Main stream and others tried to use this to there advantage and it has not stopped yet but we have to ask our selves why and who has fallen for it ?

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Military Going Green Could Save Trillions

Green military is it Possible


Of course it is possible but then we are left with a few other questions how feasible is the Idea and if so how far to this approach have we gotten if at all ? What if any factors hold our governments at bay in proceeding with such procurement’s ? All interesting questions but in my own mind it is quit visible that the advancement into drone usage has went into this specific area . One could only summarize of the scars that run deep within the given soldier and the separation of said scaring do to the fiscal sight of the aspect of war and death there in . The reason I bring this up is it shows the ripple effect that has held this development of this technology at bay as instead of improving transport of soldiers the move has been to replace them . In the midst of this replacement would come robotics with full capabilities of green power solutions and at the same time remove any human emotion and or responsibility . Some would argue this would end the crippling disease most war torn veterans fall into eliminating any guilt factor . Some would also argue the mere fact of doing this would cut medical bills for veterans across the board but this is a very small figure if we consider what is spent on fuel .


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Stage For Marketing Is Set Patents Abide

The stage is set for Marketing



Imagine some of the best marketing strategies playing out in front of our eyes is anyone paying attention ? These strategies are being played out by some big players and some of the marketing strategies could impact our lives for some time to come . Being this said I will try and focus on a two fold method one showing the marketing strategy and two how these could effect our lives short and long term .

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Grep Haxs Updates Two Months Into The Year

Grep Haxs almost to the end of February

We are only two months into the year and a lot has happened here at Grep Haxs . Some advancements remain top secret as with any company but there is a lot that can be expressed . We have touched on a lot of different topics all with the information or links to back up said articles and trying to keep opinions to a minimum .


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Bio 3D Printing Advances To Skin Growth

3D printing bio or otherwise


3D printing has been around for quit awhile making many advances not only in the medical field but also within the industrial fields . There has been a push to place the 3D printers within every home giving the capability to knew and upcoming Entrepreneurs . One Idea could lead to a prototype and then mass production and for many companies this could lead to lower costs within the production field .

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Top Secrets From The Presidents Men

Top secret from our Governments



The term top secret really dose not need to be defined I am almost sure that most from the age of five has some understanding of the term . Although being in the currant set of affairs there are some that might find offense at the mere title but let me put that to rest real quick . Top secret information holds no gender preference and there are plenty of competent woman whom hold a security level clearance .

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Power Through Solar Reaches New Levels

Imagine receiving a zero dollar power Bill

That is right you read it correctly although I can not see that happening here do to storage capacity and usage but it has happened in certain parts of the world . One could only think of the shivers it sent up the spins of both manufactures of solar power devices and those whom oppose the use there of . With these type of outstanding marks it would be sure to crush the fossil fuel industry as we know them today . There are still a few things that stand in the way in order to bring solar to a full potential product .

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Man In The Middle Attack

Middle man Attack


The mere title of this type of hack almost appears humerus almost reminiscent of the childhood game ( Monkey in the middle ) . Although this is very serous and deals with many issues from the business sector to our judicial systems as well as the privacy of every individual . Sure enough the statements will raise some eyebrows and drop some jaws and others will brush it off there shoulder by thinking it is just a conspiracy .

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Injection SQL For Hackers And Security Teams

Injection hack or hole sometimes noted Back-Door

The term injection will most likely cause some to cringe because of the mere image placed in there head of a needle some medical official is about to inject into your body . Although this may or may not be true this is not the type of injection we will be discussing in this article as you may have picked up from the title . In this article we will be talking about SQL injections to which the mere notation will cause a similar cringe effect to but not limited to organizations , web developers and security teams alike .

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Cookies And Milk For The Hacker

Milk and Cookies



You just have to love them they go hand in hand but wen you have one without the other one can not help but feel if you will ( odd ) . In this article there will be some key features of representation so let this first part serve as the key to the article similar as a map ( KEY ) if you will .

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