Cookies And Milk For The Hacker

Milk and Cookies



You just have to love them they go hand in hand but wen you have one without the other one can not help but feel if you will ( odd ) . In this article there will be some key features of representation so let this first part serve as the key to the article similar as a map ( KEY ) if you will .

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Technology Algorithm To Quantum Computing

Technology and Algorithms



For some the title of this article maybe a mere oxymoron statement but for others they maybe thinking I keep hearing this term algorithm . Well there are a few good reasons why you keep hearing the term and why the term will keep appearing as long as you continue to utilize technology . So what parts of technology am I speaking of ?

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Tools Of Hackers Hardware Software Wars

Hacking tools and silent Wars

Hacker tools who are they for ? Obviously those of a notorious nature use them and those of security teams use them each one for different reasons . But there are others that need to know the lingo and terms and by others I mean you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader . Owe what you say your to busy running your fortune five hundred company or making your trillions and you hire the best of teams to do this !! Maybe this is true and for that matter mommy and Daddy never showed you how to hit a command prompt but that is OK .

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Two Thousand Seventeen It Begins

What will two thousand seventeen Bring



As the new year begins many are wondering what will occur ? Where are the big dollars who will make them and how can you be part of the process ? These are all good questions for the new year especially if you are not following the road of Entrepreneurship for what ever reason .


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Zika Virus Mosquito Control Or Kill Them All

Zika Virus needs no Introduction

The Zika virus needs no introduction but what dose need plenty of consideration is what is everyone saying about Zika and the spread thereof . Who do we trust whom is telling the truth and is anyone out to make a profit by covering up the truth ? These are all good questions unfortunately I do not have all the answers but possibly some solutions .

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New Year New Investments

New investments remember the Dream

Investment means different things to different people but the term is generally known whether from a business prospective or that of a personnel nature . New investment dose not necessarily mean running out and finding some where else to put your time and money because your dream has not payed off .

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Computer Language Of The Forgotten

Computer language in broad Terms



In this article and using the term computer language and the use thereof is to represent all computer devices as it relates to the functionality and build . Also included are any items that hook up to any given computer device ( Software , USB , WI/FI antenna or otherwise and hardware ) .

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Coding Binary To Babel

Babel and Coding

Babel and coding seem like an odd mix for those whom know the term Babel and for those whom may not have caught on yet I am referring to ( The Tower of Babel ) straight out of the Bible . Before you think here we go another faith based conversion article I would like to say stop right there . In this article I will not mention my beliefs but try to represent a few facts we can all agree upon .

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Permafrost Melting Concerns

Permafrost the odd melt Down


Permafrost melt down

This odd permafrost meltdown is set to affect all of us eventually if it has not already .


As winter approaches some might think it is odd to bring up the subject of permafrost melting . But even though it is getting colder it dose not appear to be getting cold enough long enough to stop the most needed permafrost . So why should we be concerned with the permafrost meltdown ?

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Cyber Attack With Hacking Or Hunting In Mind

Cyber attack DDOS

Cyber ddos attack or hunting

Cyber ddos attacks are nothing new and will happen again .

Well I am sure everyone has heard about the biggest cyber attack that has happened either by being denied access to the NET or some service there in .
As the supposed attack swung threw the east coast bounced up to the west coast round a bouts Cali and then run a muck to the northern states .
You might start to think CYBER was running in the presidential race and that was the campaign ( HUMOR ) .
By no means am I saying it is over for as I last heard as I right this the attacks are still ongoing and are quit common although not to this extent .

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