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What dose it mean and why do we do it ? This is a good sound question but for this article there shall be no technical reference . It appears to me that in watching the news it has become quit the three ring circus one minute reporting something and then a bunch of recanting and sometimes not recanting and saying owe well they will figure it out for themselves what is truth or false in the days to come just in hopes that there station ratings go up . In the midst of this type of behavior brings watered down jokingly and highly controlled journalist who in fear of losing there jobs and or the networks discontinuing do to big organizations there broadcast all together and hampering the freedom of speech . Back in the error of the Vietnam war people had stood up and said we need to know and the government seen it was a necessity and a lot of horrific articles of the truth came out , it took a long time for Americans to come to grip with the situation of our own American heroes the uplift in journalist was just a bit late . War is never a pretty site it has never Ben and never will be , but it appears to me that somewhere along the lines of the conflicts in Iraq , Iran and Afghanistan our journalist have Ben somewhat hampered and reporting on other spin offs in the world . Who’s responsible for this debunkery I truly don’t know one can only speculate . The most horrendous report that was heard was our own troops didn’t have the gear they needed to our president putting a spin on its over everyone is coming home then there was like this eerie silents of journalism . So remember this our troops were sent not only to help people there but with the premises of standing up for our freedom and our right to be free and all our liberties . We need to assure they of all people get the medical attention they need as should all veterans . Remember if you weren’t in the military and or near any of the war you do not know what it was like for your boots to hit the ground and find out you don’t have the proper armament and equipment that you know is available and have to ask for help , there is a lot that happened and we weren’t there to experience it and it was never reported . Who knows how this is going to turn out and when things will open up and truths be told and journalist return to there proper right to free speech without being hampered by anyone .


So have a nice surfing day for the truth .


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