Oil Gas Prices And America

Gas prices and Oil


The price for a barrel of oil is once again fallen to an all time low and there are many wanting to celebrate throwing down the Mexican hat or possibly doing the jig .

price of oil at all time low

The hidden war :
The war in keeping oil is in our backyard now

There are some within the oil industry that are within a pure cringe at the site of there falling investment and it will in no doubt cause some unrest . The more and more they lose there profit they will try to control the market in the most under handed ways . One way to do this is to slow delivery of a said product and such has been done with the metal industries . The other ways like causing problems at refineries and at last resort allowing proper guidelines of regulatory accountability to be set within our government .



Oil the hidden War

Oil barrels at lowest yet

The hidden war on oil is in our backyard now .
American Government has given waivers to the oil industries allowing them to pollute water land and air st the name of profit

For centuries America has fought this hidden war and if you look closely at almost every military excursion you will see the primary objective was oil . Sure enough in the endurance of these conflicts there were many humanitarian issues solved and taken care of but unfortunately the main bases of the government was to protect the oil . Any war that prohibited the function of sea bearing vessels would have prevented oil from entering the country and any unstable behavior in the middle east would also do the same . This of course would cause America to crumble to there knees but not just America any large country with such a dependency like Russia , Japan and so on . Right now we have no reliance on foreign oil so the only thing that remains in the places ISIS has over taken are humanitarian issues that do not redly affect America or any other large country . These problems with humanitarian issues are normally shrugged off by another hidden government objective called population control . These are all tough agendas that no one wants to discuss or think of but now is the time to take note of these things especially being this hidden war is now in our back yard . Sure enough the workers and investors of the oil industry would argue we can not quit now we just must make it better but how long have we extracted oil and at the risk of many ? How much land and people alike have been laid to waste having cancer breathing problems and deformities all do to the greed of this infrastructural war ?

Oil at any Cost

oil prices at all time low

Oil has been through out history been protected through every military excursion and is still acquired at any cost your life my life your family life soil water earthquakes at any cost for profit and greed

A barrel of oil at any cost and that means ( ANY ) the highest cost of course is human life and second is water than land our fertile ground . The best answer to these problems handed down through our governments agricultural society is cloning and changing our growing habits two indoor enhance-able growth products . By doing such procedures we lose the whole essence of what god has given us to properly enhance body functions and become obese and increase body function failure ( heart , lungs ,liver ) and so on . As the hidden war for oil continues these procedures are also causing the land itself to become unstable causing many earthquakes . To prove this point consider the frack pack of waivers and Oklahoma straight out of the archives of RT I give you the up-rise in Oklahoma earth quakes do to fracking and the loop holes .

Oil to Gas

Oil prices all time low

Natural gas same industry as oil the same agenda

Were not talking about gasoline but this time were talking about natural gas although falling under the same industry principles . Who knows where or if any exist in this part of the industry ? It appears there must be and that there are some regulatory lake of if we consider some the unsightly explosions that have happened in America do to natural gas . There is also the fact in order to create electricity they use natural gas and then charge a fuel charge on any given Electrical bill . And as the price of oil falls possibly below the price of natural gas oil will be used in the place of natural gas . To prove this we must consider the natural gas accident in south California spewing out methane like nobodies business .
The notable gas company and government and state officials are all playing it down but the message put out to the tens of thousand residence is relocation payed for by the company . Without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the south California down played natural gas accident .

In Conclusion

The history lesson I gave at the beginning of this article can be observed if you look closely at American and foreign government history and the onslaught of population control . A note to investors of the oil and gas industries stop investing for the sake of greed and have some faith and invest in saving what god has given us the natural resource pure and clean . We are at a pivotal point not only in America but all across the world and it is my belief that with the Technology we have at hand we no longer need to continue this hidden war agenda . Instead we need to push our Scientists and Governments harder than ever to create the and facilitate the proper Technologies . This war for oil and fossil fuels must end it seeks to consume us all and is the true heroine of the world as we know it .
This is only one of the secret wars waged around the world but I feel it is the most detrimental at the moment . Many states as I write this are considering allowing fracking to be developed in there areas holding a blind eye to the cost of land water and earthquakes for the promise of jobs and wealth . It is better to say no and to take these people out of office and put the politicians in who care about what is right instead of lining there pockets with greed . So the question remains why have we not rounded up all Islamic people as we did the Japanese during pearl harbor ? There is no threat to oil . Should we enter and fight in another country because of humanitarian issues ? This I am unsure of but these things were suppose to be left to the UN . But then considering the fact that the hidden war on oil is a humanitarian issue within itself so therefore we each have our own stone who is without let them cast it first . Have a great day riding the wave of the OIL GAS PRICES in AMERICA and the world .

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