October Life Hack The Foliage Month

The month of October leaf change and Drop



That is right get the rakes out and gear up the video cams and get ready to be amazed by the beauty of the leaves changing . From green to orange and red to one dropping after the other .

October foliage month

October leaves may fall on the drive way or you may decide to rake them there for easy removal using a grephaxs life hack

Sure enough it can be tough and tiring as well as time consuming no matter what your age is . We here at grephaxs experience this yearly ongoing task ourselves but we believe we have found an adequate way to cut some corners to get the job done faster . Having a yard next to a driveway can be a plus or maybe you just have a tree overhanging a driveway here at grephaxs it was both . First we raked all leaves to the driveway and then thats wen we thought of this life hack for leaf removal . So please sit back and enjoy this grephaxs original ( Life hack move leaves on concrete ) .

Stump removal in October

stump removal in October

October is a great month to do stump removal

Maybe your just glad the weather has changed and it is much cooler . As you gaze into your yard you notice that stump from a tree you cut down . That stump has Ben irking you for awhile and you just want to get rid of it . But the thing is you do not want to waste a bunch of money on toxins to eat the stump or other methods . You could do as grephaxs did pull your britches up put you boots on and grab some tools and head out into the yard .
The tools used are pretty simple .
1 ) 2 Shovels
2 ) 1 screw driver ( bent )
3 ) 1 chain saw ( electric )
Once again sit back and enjoy this grephaxs original ( How to remove a tree stump )

In conclusion

October is a beautiful month with the foliage change and the cooler weather . There are many projects that occur in October but most of all god shares these moments of change do not waste time take a moment to look around and enjoy the moment . There will be more videos coming shortly on stump removel as well as others that lean towards a more Technical value . Please feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel for these upcoming events .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of http://grephaxs.com I am out .

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