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Hackaday Dose It Again

That is right folks Hackaday reaches deep down in the minds and habits of the NSA .
They state that the NSA ANT catalog is a good place to come up with projects although one must keep in mind and assume that beyond the catalog they must have moved on to better technology .
From audio hacks to vga monitor cable and phone call eavesdropping .
Hackaday provides a entourage of videos with the cake to eat two I . E . ( blue prints ) and well designed instruction of the functionality .
As well Hackaday provides many other links that are related in nature so if you are intuitive enough and wish to get your feet wet on a home brewed project its a good place to start .
So without further delay straight from the archive of hackaday .


There was some minimal advice on protecting yourself from such an intrusive attack , From what to look for to buying block-able items .

Whats Next

Well as with any espionage race there is always something new something that hasn’t Ben declassified as top secret .
But if one was to summarize I would figure it would be a lot on the wi/fi end and related to software rather than hardware because we be in the wi/fi age baby .


The question that didn’t seem to have Ben approached is , are there manufacturing companies that worked with the NSA installing all of these parts into our systems our did they ninja like sneak in and implant the devices ?
I guise one could only ponder and await another Snowden or until the info becomes declassified and enters the history books .

In Conclusion

I would like to thank Hackaday for there clarity .
Have a safe none monitored day peace I am out .

Update NSA Tools


This update comes from no other than the ACLU .
The ACLU had taken the Government to court asking for transparency .
There was a lot of information that came about .
One of the most interesting thing that came about seemed to be to me anyway that none of these things needed to be discussed in a private session .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of the ACLU the most powerful tools of the NSA .


The New Conclusion

Are these laws being over used or abused ?
How long are they to be in standing and should they ?
So let us know what you the reader thinks and yes I said ( YOU ) for it is only we the people who can make the change with a great organization at are back or in the four front .
Peace I am out .


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