NSA Bag of Tricks


NSA Dropping off the grid

That is right the NSA trick to access servers , computers , I phones , laptops and other devices from up to 8 miles away weather or not the device is connected to the net .

This parts going to be a little bit short because the new York times has it all laid out for us .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of the nytimes.com I give you the NSA bags of tricks with a semi blue print .




Radio Frequency



This is were it all begins and just keep in mind if your plugged in to a power supply or on a backup battery your in a active mode I E blinking network cards and memory battery .
Understanding what the NSA was up to you need to know a little about what radio frequency are about and there use or maybe your like me and wish to know so you can put it to use .
So without further delay I give you Radio Frequency fundamentals .



Reel time Airwaves

Air wave monitor devices would seem to be a similar device used by the NSA although I am not sure but I do find it to be intriguing .
So without further delay I give you air wave monitor devices in real time right out of the archives of yagutisytems .





In Conclusion

The NSA claims they have never used these type of espionage tactics against its citizens but well maybe they didn’t maybe the whole plan is one government hand rubs the other meaning our country spies on there citizens and there government spies on US citizens and they trade off info .
Have a safe none monitored day if you can peace I am out .


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