New World Threat Very Inexpensive But Lethal

New world threat what is It

This new world threat has a lot of old roots and there are many that hold tight to these old roots .There are reasons they cling tightly to these old roots and the main reason is to perpetuate the danger .

nuclear not needed for the new world threat

new world threat no longer needs a nuclear section to make it a catastrophic weapon

Wen someone just mentions EMP it is not as alarming as the term nuclear is and of course everyone may think the government has done everything in there power to protect us . The threat has been well reported in the past but all with the old roots attached . The new world threat is EMP and wen most here about this they automatically grasp the old root system of a nuclear war head . So they picture in there mind the big mushroom cloud and the radiation factor . Although a nuclear blast any where in the world would be devastating lets face it , it is to expensive and puts the land to waste for years to come .

New world EMP Threat

no nukes needed for the new world threat

No nuclear device needed
for the new world EMP threat as you will see just a deliver unit to cause a fly by

In order to bring this new world threat forward so we can all understand we must look to some past documentation . The first documentation comes straight forward telling us the Russians are the best at making EMP weapons and have them for sale called ( bear cans ) . Straight out of the archives of Chalmers I give you EMP ELECTRIC MAGNETIC PULSE SYSTEM . The second document is straight out of Army Intelligence post marked 1979 . Major Scott W. Merkle explains how even though we are expanding our Technology at an alarming rate we must keep are forces at the ready because of the EMP threat . Straight out of the archives of Army Intelligence I give the warning of EMP .

How close are we to New World EMP

easy EMP for the new world threat

New world threat devices EMP guns are easily put together by common people imagine how far governments have gotten

This is a good question and something we all deserve to know . Well as you have seen the Russians have been or are readily selling these EMP plans but it goes much deeper than the Russians . First lets examine what would happen to the world as we know it in the following video enjoy .


So your probably thinking that is so 2013 OK but let us consider what America has available for EMP in the following video enjoy .

As you see no war head of any kind involved here just a fly over and soon it will be the distance shot I am sure . We should also consider this experiment that was done using a drone and then a full sized car .

No flash no bang just nothing works And we must also think about what has been done to American Military already whether in peace time or not . So please enjoy the next video on the Disabled US Military Destroyer by the Russians .

I could bring fourth many other videos and documents but I think everyone gets the point and should understand what is to come . I have one more videos to share to show everyone but there is a strong WARNING . Do not try this at home it could lead to sever electrical shock or damage nearby devices . This next video shows how to build the NEW WOLD THREAT in a very minor fashion .
Warning Warning Waring




How to prepare for the New World Threat

Faraday Cage for the new world threat

New world threat protection but is it enough ?

I could sit back and go threw numerous survival gear you need and or might want to have on hand but if you have gotten this far to read this article I believe I can generally say you know all that stuff .
The one thing you probably haven’t heard of unless you caught it in some of the earlier documentation is I shared is a Faraday cage to protect electronics . So sit back and enjoy this video on how to build a minor Faraday cage and some minor testing .

Then of course I thought more testing seems to be in order so please see the next video on testing the Faraday cage further enjoy .

So you have seen these Faraday Cages made and tested but are they enough the answer is yes and no .
It depends on a few factors Like how the EMP blast accrued and how big it was and your immediate location in representation to the EMP . This next video gives you a whole synopsis of EMP from a historical realm to the
happenings of today although he dose not talk about none nuclear EMP until the very end . He dose mention a much stronger Faraday Cage and how they are tested and where they are sold enjoy .


In Conclusion

People can not seem to get past the nuclear attack like they think thats the only thing that could happen . It is quit obvious that EMP is the next New World Threat that is knocking at our door step .
The reason I say this is because of the inexpensive Technology it takes to build these items and the massive amount of area damage an EMP can cause . If any countries nuclear plants go down and they are not hardened and the generator fails it will be a melt down to the likes we have never seen . Once distance is not a factor they will be able to fire theses straight from satellites although I believe this distance factor has already been achieved both by if not only the Russian and Americans .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of the EMP NEW WORLD THREAT I am out .

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