New High Tech Distance

Many do not think Distance



Many people do not think of distance although speed is usually on the common persons mind .
Wen do we think about distance ?
Most likely wen we are dealing with WI/FI for example but not limited to ( Say you move your office to the shed or garage ) then distance means a lot .
Or wen playing the most awesome video game of the century distance and error correction can be a tremendous feet although most do not realize it .
Will this new Technology help to speed things up ? ( One would hope so but it is yet to be seen ) .

What is the Purpose

The purpose of this new Technology is to be able two send data further with less to none errors and corrupt Data .
But what was used to achieve this feet ?
1 ) Submarine Cable .
2 ) And a type of Comb ( Can only think like a circler type of comb of inter weaving wire connections I.E not very descriptive . )
3 ) High speed super receiver . ( The high speed super receivers not really herd of unless your referring to radios in such . )

Submarine Cables

I was like what Submarine cables ?
What the heck do they mean so I decided to do some poking around ( In the midst I am thinking there tearing apart Submarines and grasping there cables ) .
But two my surprise Submarine Cables have Ben used for quit some time within our grasp two connect the world as a whole whether it be for the purpose of Telegraph or the common wired telephone device and now of-course the INTERNET .
In order two give everyone one a clearer picture of how submarine cables connect our world together here is a map straight out of the archives of submarinecablemap I give you the map that shows the world inter connected via submarine cables .
Extremtech also put out an article about The secrets of submarine cables which gives us a great break down of submarine cables so without further delay straight out of the archives of extremtech I give you the secrets of submarine cables .
As well I had two look a little deeper and found that wikipedia had quit the history Paige on submarine cable so without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedea I give you the history of submarine communication cables .

Whom achieved this new Advancement

According to gizmag the new technology was created by the university of London ( UCL ) .
They discovered using Submarine Cables and a comb type system and a high speed super receiver these new distances can be achieved .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the new record breaking distance for Data Error Free .

In Conclusion

What could this mean ?
Better Gaming , map requesting and rendering as well as GPS and of-course better signals all around .
What did strike me odd was the back and fourth of Data although it will help in error correction will it actually slow things down ?
Who knows but have a great day surfing the New Technology wave I am out .

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