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Reset The Net



So here we have it folks as the mopping up continues there is a monetary value placed on the loses and complaints have Ben issued to president Obama himself from Facebook and Cisco . Computer loses are expected to be in the billions . Companies are trying to become a neutral entity some even watering down the situation to which I feel is a bad idea as more things will come forward . I believe the best approach for any company is to do whats write for the people they are the ones who make you our break you not the government entity .




Resetting The Net

Is this a good thing or a bad ? Well my friends there is always pros and cons . So lets start with the pros , if we Reset The Net which I think is a good idea by the way not only do you make it harder for Governmental institutions to gain access to every diabolical stoke of the key whether sarcastic or not and keeping your supposed most intrusive photos hidden but you also help by slowing the intrusive criminal eliminate as well . Whether its the government exploiting element , the totally bad guys use the same exploits . Those are off the top of the head pros there are probably a lot more but those I find to be the most pertinent . The cons well one of the most prevalent ones would be the aspect of finances unfortunately the more we strong arm the government officials without congressional support and we make it more expensive for them to retrieve our data they shall wine to increase funding and thus the snowball rolls down hill if you get my drift ( I. E. higher levied taxes so on and so fourth ) .



Will it Work

For the most part its a good beginning but if we are rely going to take the task on one hundred percent there is other things to be tackled . For example : We must discover lower demographic behaviors between our government / programmers whether it would be software or hardware implemented back doors . This is truly the extra mile as well as getting our congress men and women on board . Just going half way doesn’t cut it , and why should this be important to congress men and woman and state officials and to those that run our legal organizations well if the exploits were not there that were partly orchestrated by government / programmers no one would be able to hack the white house or spy on gop officials whether they be state or other wise its not just an invasion of public privacy but from the bottom man to the top the president himself .




United we can stand

United we can stand and be heard not just a nation but as a global community for what is right and just for freedom and privacy or we can roll over and play dead and let it all fall to deaf ears . Me I choose to here and listen to what Dr Stallman and Snowdan are saying and all the other plans of resetting the net and going the extra mile . But it takes action not just on one persons part but everyone’s , from the bottom two the top in every country . So unite together not as one person not as one country but as a global community let it be know we will not stand for intrusive behaviors on our privacy before it is to late . Google also had somethings to say about this so straight from the guardian archives I give you this.



So have a nice safe none intrusive to your privacy surfing day .


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