Nanotube To Nano Whiskers

Should we Nanotube

Should we Nano tube is a good question in itself ? But to be totally honest in some cases we have already begun the process . There is a lot of controversy concerning nano technology from whom actually made the discovery to the possible harmful effects . The nano technology has been used in sports equipment as well as marine paints because of the strengthening qualities . Also nano technology has made it into the medical field for reinforcing bone structure for healing .


Nanotube are highly conductive in electrical terms


As well it reaches into quantum computing as it relates to a three dimensional arena and the conductive powers it posses . In order to get your feet wet whether your familiar with the technology or not please see the following link strait out of the archives of wikipedia I give you NANOTUBE . Sure enough in all of the collaborated excitement of speed and power in 2014 I had written an article on Nano Whiskers as well as a few others that I will post in related articles at the bottom of this article .

Advancements in Nanotube Technology

nanotube to bio computing

bio computing is it the other side of the coin to nanotube

Nano Technology is quit complex in itself as you can see if you reviewed the wikipedia link .
A lot of information still hangs in limbo and I quot from wikipedia ( Fragmented ) . But one thing is for sure there is a lot of conductive power there to harness so what could this mean ? In my own mind I could only think ( Smaller but more conductive = speed and performance ) . This is what we are looking for whether in gaming or business while being orchestrated threw our computing devices .
So how dose it relate to Quantum computing ? Well my study is still out on this one but I do think a lot of this technology advancement has come from the research done from quantum and other computer technology . In order to see some of the advancements of Nano Technology straight out of the archives of endgadget I give you CARBON NANOTUBE TRANSISTOR . But to every coin there are two sides but we must also notice how thin most coins are and being so may be similar and or partially related in a dimensional fashion of sorts . Bringing quantum computing under fire within there claims of being more attainable than quantum computing . This comes out of a Swedish university BIO Computing as reported by this next video from fusion TV please enjoy .


In Conclusion


This should give us all a lot to think about due to the complexity of the Technology . Wen relating to nanotubes there are many but are they all carbon based and how safe are they and what makes them unsafe ? Wen relating to BIO computing technology sure enough there are safety concerns there as well . Do we actually need to break out a scale and way each problematic issue to determine the safer of the two and could we even without the proper physics degree behind us ? None the less this all realms in a dimension of computing we are not familiar with and seem to both loom towards a living organism in on sense or the other bringing us back to the point of INOCULATION .
Have a nice day while riding the wave of NANOTUBE TO NANO WHISKERS I am out .

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