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Mobile hacking is no different than any other Device



Mobile hacking is know different than any other device except the size of the audience . I could start out showing graphs to prove this point but the mobile device is one of those things that clearly speaks for itself . Soon we will have the pure essence of the 5G network bringing those left behind using landlines into compliance and an end to landlines . This will bring even a larger audience and everyones eggs will be in one basket whether they like it or not . In this advancing technological world sometimes you have to look back to see where we have been to actually see where we are heading . Looking past the profound terror of the day that purifies the surveillance of the day with justification whether legal or not .

Mobile hacking coding from prompt base

Mobile hacking is no different than any other device .
Similar tools are used for the manipulation there of .


Activists and reporters have a tough and sometimes dangerous job depending upon what country or geographical area they are in sometimes it can be life threatening . When Edward Snowden released all or some of the secrets he was privy to while working for the CIA the whole world flipped up side down . A kind of provocative turmoil came about and within the cause of this turmoil certain entities and or organizations went into hiding in hopes to be forgotten about . One of those being the FIVE EYES there would appear know way they could exist with so much of the world in turmoil .

Mobile to device hacking and Edward Snowden

Mobile device hacking and Snowden

Edward Snowden did not only see Mobile hacking .
But know if you look at integration techniques Mobile is PC as PC is Mobile .

I know this main title could be slightly redundant being that a mobile phone is a device but I am using the term device in a very liberal term ( meaning any and all items that runs software and hardware and can be programmed ) . I have written about Edward Snowden in the past and will most likely have some of those articles posted at the bottom of this article under related articles . For those whom have hid under a rock and considered the worlds drama is to be saved for someones mama and only see there view point threw movies and theatrical events ( your in luck ) . The can of worms is about to be opened by Hollywood . That is right you heard me the Snowden Movie I myself do not know how close this is to portraying Snowden and the events that occurred only him and closely involved people would know this . None the less it appears to be right on and a very enticing must see film .
Being this said please sit back and enjoy this Snowden Official Trailer .



Just by seeing this trailer and that I had been privy to watching this all unfold threw out the media and knowing Edward Snowden is now residing in Asylum in Russia one must ask what is he up to ? Has he left town and said well all these problems are yours see ya . I should say not But what I will say is you can remove someone from America but you can not remove the American fortitude and stamina . Also realizing that the Edward Snowden leaks were and are not just American issues but resonate world wide . Before we begin talking about what Edward Snowden is up to now I found it prevalent to take a step back into the past . The year not so long ago 2014 Hacking Mobile Devices focused users government officials . Straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you HOW GOVERNMENTS IMPLANT BUGS ON SMART PHONES . It is quit obvious that hackers and government hackers Alike have surpassed those benchmarks as well as expanded to other mobile devices than just the Android . To show this and you have to do your own confirming research as I will not leave a link ( In Apples latest update “Image correction” a Image could have arbitrary code implanted leading to denial of service attack ) . This was only one of the fixes in the Apple 9.3 update how long these issues lingered are unknown by me but reviewing fixes can sometimes show the risk we all face or the implantation we about to face .

Edward Snowden mobile and other devices Now

Mobile havking device security by Bunnie Huang and Edward Snowden

Bunnie Huang and Edward Snowden have teamed up to make this protection device for Mobile Phones .

So has Edward Snowden left town to say forget about it I should say not . In the midst of Russia he is ready to spank the hackers and the NET as well knowing full well there are good people whom need and deserve the right protection . But in this round of events Edward Snowden is not alone not meaning he was in the first place but just saying and not knowing how it all went down . Possible scenario ( Edward picks up the phone and calls none other than Bunnie Huang ) . What you say who is Bunnie Huang ? I say what the heck kinda rock have you had your head under ? If you do not know this person pull your head out of the sand and do your homework . Both Edward Snowden and Bunnie Huang are working on a device that plugs into a mobile device and it will detect the activity of the phone letting the user know of the mobile device activities . Sit back and enjoy this next article straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you SNOWDEN DEVISE DEVICE To Warn Wen Iphone Rats You Out .

In conclusion

Sure enough in days past there were workarounds here is a list :
1 ) Remove Battery ( most mobile devices have none removable batteries )
2 ) Air plain Mode ( Made useless with the uplift of injection tools and mail-ware )
3 ) Hiding Phone in microwave ( Possibly made useless do to the up-tick of microwave and radiation frequency transmission )
4 ) Not Activating GPS ( useless the pure use of cell towers dose this for you or injection tools brings up GPS Privatively to the software event )

5 ) Holders that block signal and transmission ( Only good wen in the holder but ready to give full report wen removed )
This is just a small list and should not be considered to be limited to . The question is will the device be to little or to late will hackers have moved beyond it before development ? The term hackers in this article encompasses all colored hats whether notorious or not .
Have a nice day riding the wave of MOBILE TO DEVICE HACKING I am out

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