Microsoft Windows Saga Continues

Microsoft Windows dose it Again


I have written time and time about Microsoft falling short of customer security and the mere cause for a convenient OS .
There was a big and reassuring call from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10 .

Stop Warning Warning Disclaimer

If you proceed past this point and decide to do a custom install do so at your own risk .
For this reason and this reason only I will add one link as two how customizing should proceed .
But even in that essence Grephaxs and affiliates can not be held liable
this is merely for security educational purposes .

And this call was not only put out to the common person but all across the board .
It has Ben well known in the past Microsoft has left a back-Door open here or there saying oops and closing it wen it becomes apparent .

Microsoft security issue Windows 10

This Windows 10 security issue has left many Business owners holding on to the seat of there pants as well it should especially if you made the upgrade or recently purchased a windows system .
Most Business owners whether government or other wise had to make the choice to upgrade in order to support there clients either from software point of view or other infrastructure .


What is the Microsoft Windows 10 security issue

Microsoft windows 10 open doors

Close the doors in Microsoft Windows 10 by running a custom install but even then will it be enough ?

Security issue Windows 10 :
During installation you have two options express or custom .
It has Ben found during the Express installation all Information is sent back to Microsoft and I am talking about ALL .
If you chose custom there are many options to deny access to certain information but is it enough that is the Question ?
There are Companies as I write this right now trying to figure out what to do .
Do they remove Windows 10 and if so do they take the chance that using the custom install will fix all open doors and wondering if it is to late .
Keep in mind I am not suggesting Microsoft is the only one doing this but they are the first to be found as far as I am aware .
From a legal stand point I am unsure but most likely Microsoft has covered there steps in this area to some degree or another .

How bad could Microsoft Windows 10 be

From my resources and things that have come down the pipeline is as follows .
1 ) Every stroke of a keyboard
2 ) All account information including passwords
3 ) All Business information relating to client or otherwise

In Conclusion

As you have noticed I have not used any links in this article to backup this claim at this time .
Will a reinstall and using the custom feature be enough? This I am not sure of but it my guise is no .
Hopefully by the time you read this it wont be too late and not interrupt your business structurer two much as you scramble to find ways to correct the problem .
Microsoft being as big as they are has not Ben very concerned with there customers security for quit sometime as you will see if you read some or all of my related articles .
Peace have a great day riding the WAVE of MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 I am out
I have changed my mind as you probably noticed with in my disclaimer at the beginning of the article .
So for those whom need help and for those who need further clarification straight out of the archives of networkworld I give
you windows 10 Express verses custom .

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