Microsoft The Crumbling Empire


The Kinect Is Is Dead

Kinda like the old derogatory statement ( the wet head is dead ) any who that is right folks another chunk of Microsoft falls away .
As they bring out the mop buckets to mop up the bloody waters after there rendezvous with the NSA and a battle With china .
They throw the Kinect right out the back door , looks like another money saving move to reduce server and data room revamping to me but who knows .
But in any event in this next vary well written article I am about to share , you can feel the consumer frustrations even tho the author tries to stay quit positive .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Polygon I give you the kinect is dead .



In Conclusion

How will Microsoft crumble will they actually hit there knees ?
When will they learn the consumer buys there lunch ticket and pays for those luxurious vacations .
All these companies that conspire with the NSA in there Data collection should have an understanding that what they are doing is just as wrong if not equal to or worse than what happened during President Nixon’s error thats right I am saying it ( WATER GAIT ) on steroids .
Peace I am out .


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