Microsoft Spin

Microsoft’s Water Hose

Well folks its kinda hard to tell whats really going on as Apple holds hands with Microsoft to fight the government from collecting E-Mails from Ireland on what appears to be a legitimate request from a legal standpoint from the government although I am not a lawyer so who knows .
I mean usually they would just give them what they wanted or leave a back door open so the NSA could just take it .
But my guise is Microsoft and Apple have felt the heat from there customers and wanna look like the guys who at least try to save the day while not joining Google and others to advance there encryption methods .
Well without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnica I give you Microsoft Government wows .



Be Who You Want

That is Google’s new move to further look towards its community of users with a kinda thank you attitude .
As well having worked hard to make the necessary changes and close the wholes as suggested by Snowden and other atavists and making it harder for anyone to snoop and spy .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of 9to5google I give you be whom ever on Google +



So tell us what you think is Microsoft just spinning it up to water it down or are they on the up n up ?
Have a great day Google + surfing peace I am out .

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