Microsoft Says Oops At Gamescom


Gamescom 2014

As Microsoft Dissatisfies consumers once again by tying to hide the fact they were actually running there games from PC systems instead of there X-Box 1 .
This once again shows a peace of Microsoft falling away but this time it was a big chunk of integrity .
As I had stated in a previous article they are sending there stand alone console only games into the PC market two which I believe is a financial recovery act to help save Microsoft .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of dsogaming I give you Microsoft caught using PCS .



In Conclusion

It is a sad thing wen an Empire starts to crumble and instead of taking appropriate actions to recover they move deceptive tactics , hammering harder the nails of the embedded coffin .
So I guise the question comes to mind will people continue to buy consoles even knowing it dose not have to this way , if consoles are not purchased there games will be forced to serve all occupations of devices ?
And how much longer will consumers put up with Microsoft’s Disappointing behaviors ?
It is now to the point young and old as consumers we must look around with the understanding we pay the meal ticket wen we by a product .
Me I am moving to support steam not so much by a console system but one that runs the Linux OS and dose not relate to windows thats were I believe its happening but as always it is up to YOU yes I said ( YOU ) to decide for your self and do your homework and see what makes sense .
Peace have a great gaming day hope to see you in the battle grounds of the gaming world I am out .


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