Microsoft In The Hot Seat



As china raids the offices of Microsoft in view of espionage and holding hands with the NSA as well as Apple .
Apple had Ben accused and recognized for its tracking and steeling of information .
Will Apple be next on the China raid list agenda ?
Straight out of the archives of industryleadersmagazine .



Google Chrome Release

Although Microsoft is under fire not only in china but with a lot of Americans for there rudimentary windows and there collaborations in back-dooring and hand out of information to the NSA .
Along with recent lay offs as Microsoft feels the heat .
As Microsoft looks to gain cover threw holding hands and gaining approval with such companies as Linux and Google .
Hopefully the drowning company wont pull any other good companies down with them .
But as Google reaches out not to help Microsoft but the consumer of Technology hands over a Chrome beta for 64 bit for Windows 7 and 8 users .
Straight out of the archives of chromereleases blog post I give you beta 64 bit for windows .




In Conclusion

Do you think Microsoft will recoup from this or will China shut them down and if so is this a trend America should follow ?
And the question where dose Apple stand in all this when we all know Microsoft bailed Apple out in there tough times and now in the midst of apple taking cover they are in a way pretending not to know Microsoft .
Well who knows how it will turn out one can only speculate .
Peace and have a great beta surfing day surfing I be gone .


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