Microsoft IE 11



According to engadget as of January 12 , 2016 all IE browsers prier to IE 11 will not be supported .
Really its not a big lose as far as I am concerned its about time they flushed them as these earlier versions were highly intrusive and a big security risk hopefully IE 11 will be better although I do not think so .


Is This The Sign Of A Crumbling Empire

Thats a good question although I am slim on all the facts but heres what I do know .
Microsoft threw out the years have Ben trying to keep a grip on consumer relations and terribly failing and then came windows 8 and 8.1 both of which have drastically dissatisfied consumers .
Along with windows 8 and 8.1 came the whole Revelation that Snowden gave us and the implementing of back-doors as well as just handing over information to the NSA .
And in the midst of all this China had raided Microsoft’s offices apprehending computers do to there espionage and snooping factor and shutting them down costing them a big chunk of change .
Wait theres more recently I heard a report of Microsoft X-Box live being shut down and lay offs occurring ( saying they were to disorganized ) as well they have started making there console only games available on P.C .
Before I go on I will share with you straight out of the archives of engadget the disbandment of previous IE .




Cover Up Or Recovery

Obviously by letting go of all previous versions of IE and flushing there system of the said browsers it could be construed as destroying evidence of allowable intrusions onto millions if not trillions of users .
So the question is , Is it a cover up only the tech of the techy would know the answer to that ?
And if thats not the case they could be deep rooted in a recovery stage , getting rid of all the old IE and closing X-Box live would free up server space and data room and moving exclusive console games to the PC would bring immediate revenue that is probably badly needed .



In Conclusion

There is no doubt in my mind that Microsoft as well as Apple and other companies have brought us a long way .
They will forever be in our history and possibly our future but the dilemma still stands even to this day many people ( users ) remain ignorant to the fact and fight for our freedom .
The challenge of the century would our should be to inform all newbies ( none technical people ) of the goings on and advise them to switch to a proper OS that are more palatable even if less convenient .
Peace I be out .


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