MEGA Net New Internet Or Not

Kim DOTCOM and Mega Net



Kim DOTCOM has suggested he will take on the business venture of creating a whole new Internet . The perspective idea set fourth is Kim DOTCOM would develop an APP . Say what ?

Mega net

Mega Net is suppose to replace the net according to KIM DOTCOM

That is just what I said an APP how is this knew so I definitely had to find out more my interest was quit peaked as I tried to force my eyebrows back in place . So the imperative question seemed to be how would this work ? For the fundamentals of how Mega Net is supposed to work I will share this video with straight out of the archives of RT .


Mega Net to use Nodes

Mega Net nodes

Mega Net wants to use nodes

Once again my eyebrows sprung and my jaw dropped and I said what ? For those whom do not know what a node is or if you would like brushing up please see this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia . And with the use of a Node there must be a super node please refer to this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia on the super node . But I have yet to see anything new here but just encase I missed something here is another article explaining the idea straight out of the archives of newsbtc I give you MEGA NET .

Mega Net and the use of Nodes

Mega net nodes

Mega Net wants to cell phones as nodes but there has to be a super node somewhere

First of all the fact that Mega Net is supposed to be an APP finds itself vulnerable . As we move fourth in the APP world many are made for the soul purpose of drilling ( Tunneling ) in order to create a hand shake and communicate with one another . The NSA and other organizations has seen fit to make this happen . So the next question is what other program uses Nodes and Super Nodes to communicate ?
One said program is the TOR Network developed by the U . S . Navy .

Mega Net sounds similar to TOR

Mega net and Tor

To me Mega Net sounds like TOR

To prove this point I bring you two nice videos the first is from Eli the computer guy but for some reason in his video he used the term relay which means ( Node ) . So enjoy straight out of the archives of Eli the computer guy I give you the TOR NETWORK .

This second video explains TOR Network and some of the security issues well known with TOR Network . So sit back and enjoy this video straight out of the archives of Cycle .

In Conclusion

Using Nodes is not a new Idea and comes with a swarm of security risk some of which are propagated by the user and some by intrusive espionage and spying techniques already in use . The statement not using a server seems a bit redundant for the super node would be the replacement and become the server . So ya seems fishy to me along with nothing new unless I have missed something feel free to point it out in the comment line . The world of APPS is huge and only going to get bigger an Idea is born every second . We must also remember the Exit Node would there be none ?
If this statement is true or rather question then who is to create any given content seems like a bottleneck of ones persons knowledge .
Have a great day riding the wave of MEGA NET not being so new .


I just ran across some further information that Mega Net is using block chaining  if you are not familiar with the term please see this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia using chain blocks  .
And please watch the following video as Kim DOTCOM explains how everything will work .


New Conclusion

Although he says this chain blocking is not hack-able i beg to differ for after all it is just software and data .
And at least he put out a security warning for Americans and there devices .
I do not think Americans should take his flipping of personal it more like a sticky note saying you to get your privacy back and straighten out what ever is
wrong in your government bureaucracy of espionage and spying .
I am pretty sure soon we will have satellite listening that dose not only here humans but that could infrared seek even data think it is impossible think again .
Well have a nice day riding the wave of Mega Net i am out

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