Marketing What Is It About

Were dose Marketing begin

Marketing begins with your dream baby the moment you have an idea and product the great push of the product .
There are many products out there some similar in the liking to which makes it a doggy eat doggy world .
The first person to get the bone gets to feast then there is those whom come from behind and take your meal just because they can .
Some may consider this a hostile market take over but really what it amounts to is dedication , homework and a lot of hard work .
So saddle up I might just make some sense and just if I do and you listen you could be feasting from the revenues of your dream baby and taking the lead .



Some think they do not have a Product to Market

Some think they do not have a product to market but you are selling your self short .
Maybe you do not have a physical product but none the less there is a product some where in your dream baby that your not seeing .
It could be a simple website or maybe a video channel and all you want is followers thus this is your product .
But still to be in the lanes of rang between the top 10 calls for a lot of dedication and work as well as homework .
Homework keeping in touch with people whom know how the market changes and updates and then following threw with proper given advice .

So how do I find these Market gurus

Awe I can see I have gotten your attention but I wont give you all my secrets but I will give you some leads .
Find the mac Daddies of inspiration or the mac Mamas and just another clue most I follow I find inspiring but there are few they stand out more than others .
The very first I will share is my mac Mama of inspiration and if you visit her website you will should see right off the bat why .
1 ) Incredible website
2 ) Gaming ( I love Gaming and she likes the Battle field )
3 ) Dedication and drive ( she has plenty of it and it shows )
I could go on and on but it is time for you to see for your self so without further delay my mac Mama who inspires me AMANDA BLAIN .
So whom is the mac Daddy well to be totally honest there are a few of that I get inspired by so I wont put anybody on the hot spot here instead I will share a marketing update from one of them .
This is hot off the press twitter picks up there marketing abilities allowing sales of products so if not on twitter you may want to be .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of marketing land I give you the twitter marketing update .

In Conclusion

Your product needs you and your determination , fortitude and encouragement do not become still push , push , push .
Be the leader you can be you did not have a dream for nothing so build your empire .
Marketing 101 ( word of mouth , business cards , web builders , social media , people of inspiration , determination , drive , fortitude ) never give up never surrender .
Peace have a great day riding the MARKETING wave good luck I am out .

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