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Thats right you read it right ( Urine ) is being used in creating electricity .
Professor Leropoulos at the Bristol University has Ben working on this experiment which appears very promising with the capabilities of powering all things threw microbial fuel cells .

What is a Microbial Fuel Cell

For this I turned to none other than wikipedia and according to wikipedia a microbial fuel cell is a system that drives current from the use of bacteria .
These types of ideas and experiments have Ben kicking around since 1911 but was probably hampered do two the battles of other more profitable fossil fuels that is why they do so good in third world countries .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you what is a microbial fuel cell .


I found a couple of nice videos in order two bring it all together and give us a clearer picture on how everything works and the importance of the research being done at the Bristol University .

Back to the new Technology

So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmage I give you the Urinal Prototype .
And just one more video this time of Professor Leropouls getting ready to show his work and as you will see he explains his prototype and how it charges a cell phone enjoy .

In Conclusion

As we all celebrate lower gas prices and yes lower electric bills do two the ongoing of fracking in the united states of America and toss are contaminants here or there these new Technologies from solar , wind and microbial fuel cells get pushed under the rug and hampered in the name of higher profit .
Imagine how many Urinals are in the USA and how many waste management plants there are , no one should be going without power and it should be cost effective .
We should harness this microbial fuel cell Technology and stop all the contaminating and polluting .
Peace I am out .

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