Kill Switch California


Kill Switch 2

As the bill awaits the final signature in California of the governor .
It has Ben rumored that the phone companies have already had these capabilities for stolen phones but denied using them because it maid them more money well maybe .
Windows 8 and 8.1 have made similar preparation and Apple is ready to go as well and as the bill may state phones I am sure its much broader than that being its OS implemented and on Windows .
Without further delay straight out of engadget I give you kill switch .

The Concern

Back in the day say Bonnie and Clyde , There was very limited access other than eyewitness accounts as to what had happened and what didn’t and it was very hard to dispute the higher authoritarian figure whether you were a respected journalist or activist .
But now in the midst of technology with in a click of a button the whole world knows exactly the atrocity that happened .
With the kill switch it blocks and locks people and places down with only the eyewitness accounts which can be easily pushed aside and swept under a rug to be dug up later with a shovel or back hoe .
Your talking journalists , Activists and the common Joe cut off from communicating whats going on at the moment it happens .



As our law enforcement is being beefed up with left overs of the war torn war zones the kill switch is the added notch needed to get in and out safely and unnoticed .


Will The Domino Effect Happen

Usually wen one thing happens somewhere the domino effect takes place were as in California many places will jump quickly on the same bandwagon although adding or subtracting different rules and regulations .


Is This A Loss Of Freedom

Well it possibly could be it depends how and wen it is used .
If it puts a muzzle on the people and or journalism and activists than yes .

Things can get pretty messy wen it comes to laws because nothing is plain and simple and it boils down to the interpretation of such laws and how there implemented for example remembering trials at the white house years back wen they were on sure of the definition of the word ( Was ) .



Other Applications

As we move closer and closer to relying on cloud services they could in-fact implement a cloud kill switch which would probably be renamed to ( cloud disengage ) to give it a more comfortable name dressing .



In Conclusion

I really think this is just going to bring a large set of accessible cyber attacks .
The reason I think it will move to the cloud base is because of the old saying we will not go silent into the night .
The work around will be found , A human dog can only be muzzled so long and then the true words of justice shall be spoken .
Hopefully one day we will turn to ( We The People ) and it doesn’t remain in a kingship government were we are all the gestures and pawns .
Peace have a great surfing day I be out .


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