Japan Set To Grasp Further Foothold In America

Japan set to acquire Dell Company

First before we talk about the acquisition to take place we should think about knowing the companies involved . The first company or rather corporation involved is NTT Data so just who is NTT Data ?


Japan and NTT Data

NTT Data just who are they ?
Follow the links to put Japan and Dells puzzle together .

I found it best to allow wikipedia to explain this . Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you NTT DATA . Dell according to venturebeat is set to sell there none core Technology consultant division to Japan giving them a further foothold in America . So why dose it matter and why should you care ? This is a good question I could give you all the answers but it is best for you the reader and yes I said ( YOU ) to gain there own opinions by reading the venturbeat article yourself .

Other terminology to be considered in the Japan Acquirement

Japan and EMC

Once again follow the links to put the puzzle together in the mix are Japan Dell and America

Who is the EMC corporation said to be the reason for the sale because of the climatic debt incurred ?
EMC purchased by Dell for 67 million dollars which according to wikipedia is the largest acquisition ever to date . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you EMC . But one still has to ponder such an arrangement and wonder why such a large part of Dell the EMC would be in a struggle position in the first place . After reviewing all the information provided by wikipedia it dose appear there was possibly some back-door collaboration between Dell and the NSA . Here is the link provided encase the Paige on wikipedia has changed or for your easy access . Without further delay straight ought of the archives of Schneier I give you the SECRET HTML .

Japan and there Acquisition

Japans money to purchase Dell DATA company

Japans purchase is for a mere 3.5 million

The price tag according to venturebeat a mere 3.5 billion . Without further delay straight ought of the archives of venturebeat I give you DELL SELLS IT SERVICES TO JAPAN . So what could this really mean for America and for that matter Dell customers as a whole ? This is a good question in it self although it appears venturebeat has left much to be pondered as I am sure to do as well .

In Conclusion

So what footholds could they be gaining ? This is a very tricky question no one really knows if we have been sold out to Japan giving them control over insurance infrastructure and health care . And or how much governmental control is going to be handed to them from our own electoral policies to owning an obscure amount of all our DATA . Dose this all relate to the FIVE EYE caption ? To many things to ponder one can only hope that DELL knows what there doing and has the American people in mind and not just there wallet .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the JAPAN ACQUISITION I am out .


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