Israel and Gaza


The War in Israel

As John Carry hides under the dome in Israel .
The UN has given Israel the GPS coordinates in order that there buildings would be safe but they still insist on firing at them .
Another thing that struck me funny and raised an eyebrow although it is for the more tech savvy to figure out while Carry was speaking in this video I am about to share there is a lot of very weird background feed or is it ?
Without further delay straight out of the archives of RT check it .



The other thing that appears to be happening is the US seems to be more focused on Russia is Russia the big spin to get the focus off of Israel and or the spying issue ?
And has anyone else felt like the US has had a disconnect with the UN as of late ?


In conclusion

Hopefully this tragic warfare between Israel and Gaza will end soon it is quit an atrocity to see so many die .
I wont comment about the goings on in Russia that is all just a bit to strange .
Well peace have a good free surfing day I be out .


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