ISIS And Five Eyed Governments

ISIS and what do they Want


To be totally honest I do not wish to promote or give room to any Terrorist group or organization . For this reason I will not add any links to any of the information I have read . There are just to many unstable or therefor lacking in there own faith it could corrupt them . This question of what they want should be answered although it has been dodged even by the president .

ISIS wants all land

ISIS wants your land your women and children for slavery and other things

The three main things ISIS wants
1 ) Land ( not just any land but conquered land ) ( everyone in the conquered land must bow and be subservient to them and there belief )
2 ) Your women and children ( for slavery and other purposes )
3 ) To bring the apoplectic end to the world
So lets talk about the conquered land and why it is so important to ISIS . Within there doctrine it states they can have no friendly borders for any extended period of time . If they do not expand there territory in a most conquering fashion and keep everyone subservient to there belief disgrace will follow and then they lose there cause and fall apart . This is part of the premise of our lax Military to let there time expire and gain disgrace and the reason why the terrorist organization lunges out in cowardly events .
To just kill there leader serves no purpose he would just be replaced and he will probably be taken out our at least removed from power once the time period reaches a disgraceful period of time . I have never read there doctrine and I have no plains to at this time but be for warned make sure you have your belief system in check and be cleansed for the devil looks to corrupt the most innocent .

Five eyed Governments and ISIS

ISIS and the five eyes

do not allow the five eyes to use ISIS as a catapult to losing our freedoms

It is a shame what happened in Paris and I am sorry to say that the attack reached deep within my soul having roots and relatives within the Paris region . Governments are no different then any other company and when things go wrong heads must roll . Ask anybody in an upper management position when the **** hits the fan they bring out the head hunters and then theres plenty of ducking and pointing he did it finger pointing ( known as the fall guy ) . And sure enough the five eyed governments had to answer as to why there DATA digging program did not reveal the Terrorist plot . Trillions are being spent on the gathering of everyones information but very little to show for it . So who is the fall guy this time well of course lets blame the knowledge giver the whistle-blower .
This could only serve two purposes
1 ) Hampering future whistle blowers ( fear mongering )
2 ) Putting mud back on the face of a whistle blower ( who threw everything away for Americans rights )
Thats right you probably guised the fall guy is none other than Edward Snowden . Without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the fall GUY . We must also keep in mind history shows us that all governments have objectives to meet and as classified as they maybe sometimes they orchestrate horrific events ( utilizing CIA , NSA , FBI or any other secret service organization within a government ) . I am not saying this is what happened in Paris but I am saying as history has shown us I can not rule it out . I could ramble on further concerning Paris and there oppression caused by a no privacy data drain and my sadness that saddles the situation . But I know while you are reading this it is not the only place you get your info so I will go into a more important matter and talk about what the five eyed governments are gearing up for .

Five eyed Governments and ISIS

ISIS will not give us fear

We should not give our freedoms away for connivance or the fear of ISIS

The governments are getting ready to rev up there DATA collection like never before seen . First lets talk advertisement , advertisers probably with the help of the government have created software capable of pinging off of other commercials ( so say your wife is watching T.V and your on your computer your watching an add and she is watching infomercials your computer silently pings the T.V ) .
Another company is plaining to have people willingly develop there own DATA base in order to create a android of themselves . Then of course there is the INTERNET OF ALL THINGS that so many are celebrating about . Sure enough these are all great advancements but it has been stated that these new developments are being made just for the purpose of listening and gathering our DATA even in or most privet moments . Every word spoken in your living room , kitchen and bedroom .
From the toaster to the automated toilet all waiting to send a signal that the product is malfunctioning but also carrying listening devices sending every pin drop back to the governments BIG DATA COLLECTION . Straight out of the archives of wired I give you the cloud could be LISTENING .

In Conclusion

It is so easy to grab a torch and say we should do this or that ( kill them ) ( nuke them ) ( EMP ) and then to be the blind sheep following the torch holder . This is why I decided to let everyone know what ISIS wants in oder to educate everybody to the fact it is no just cut and dry . We must remain strong no matter what government you live in and not allow the fear to be a catapult to the lose of freedom . Nor should we allow the development of Technology to become a crutch to hand over our freedoms do to convenience .
Peace and have a great day riding the wave of ISIS and THE FIVE EYED GOVERNMENTS

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