India Did They Miss The Boat

India and the people There Of

If you know anyone from India as I do you would know they can be some of the nicest people to meet and they sure know how to work ( and bring in the money ) .
They love there mango’s and have a very aspiring culture and have quit the accent .

Some have a tendency to believe India has the potential for becoming one of the most powerful countries in the world .
So lets take a look , Straight out of the archives of listovative I give you the 12 things India is famous for .

It is no secret India struggles as the rest of the World

India makes mark with solar panels

India has always done well in Telecommunication field but not enough to butter the bread so solar panels is there next venture

Yup it is no secret that India struggles as the rest of the world dose especially wen it comes to our economic ventures .
But some think that India has missed the boat on so many ventures and came in late to the game .
For example but not limited to , we all no they have Ben big in the TECH calls and other parts of telecommunication industry and as of late the last 3 or 4 years tried to make there footprint in the oil industry .
As they were building one of the biggest oil refineries in the world and then America pulled way ahead in this venture within there fracking procedures .
I think the refinery was the one in Jamnagar but any way lets take a look at the top 10 refineries in the world , straight out of the archives of hydrocarbens I give you the top ten oil refineries in the world .
For further history here is all the oil refineries in India straight out of the archives of wikipedia .

But some think India has yet to leave there Mark


Thats right some quit frankly think India with there vast culture and no how has yet to leave there mark in the world within the business industry ( were they could be considered ahead of everyone else bringing in that top dollar to prove it ) .
So what is India to do ? Well according to Madhav Deshpande India will try to make there mark threw the solar panel industry .
It appears India has all the ground work planed out from safety to the backing of there government thats right ( there Government is backing them up ) something Americans could not do .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of Linkedin I give you India to take the lead in solar panels to make there mark .

In Conclusion

I find this to be a very great thing but it is a shame that has to be construed for only the consecutive dollar and a way to make a mark in leadership rather than the right way to do things and for our environment .
But none the less I applaud India for this newest venture and taking there other ventures with a grain of salt and moving on and forward never giving up .
Have a great day riding the SOLAR INDIA wave peace I am out .

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