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Photo Recognition

Photo recognition is the big hoopla at the moment so lets take a look shall we ? First of all photo recognition has Ben around since 1964 and since then until now there have Ben many advancements and enhancements in its progress . The FBI and the CIA have used it for years its nothing new and then there was social media as well as hotels and motels as well as city and towns . Some local and state officials also use plate recognition so as your zipping along they know who exactly the car belongs to . So it dose not surprise me that the NSA is conducting a similar events foreign and domestically being the name National Security Association . You can remain assured that in past days the CIA and the FBI secretly ran such operations noted top secret . Although the NSA is doing this without prejudicial behavior but should be monitored for all legal premise . In the 1890 is when wire taping started so this is not the first time the USA has dealt with such situations and probably wont be the last what makes it difficult is is when any large part of the government deals with domestic affairs specially if there is any part of corruption or evading ones rights no matter how minute they may seem . Here you will be able to find the history of wire taping and how the FBI wire taped martin Luther King and for how long as well as other interesting things . And this history site needs help .


I also tried to research information concerning Edward Snowden concerning photo recognition although it did appear for some reason my search was hampered but I did come up with some sites . On this site I only watched the Snowden video because I could be wrong but the site itself gave me an Erie feeling of creepiness .


This site gave me the same feeling , the Erie feeling of creepiness almost as though I was being scrutinized in some way for just looking at the page not meaning any offense to there creators like I said I could be wrong .


But anyway as I see it are Martin Luther King of software and privacy on the INTERNET and all things digital is the most famous INTERNET hall of fame DR Richard Stallman . To show my point here is one of his videos . So without further a due I give you this video straight out of the RT archives enjoy .






And last but not least I give you this video and ask should the President of the USA give Snowden amnesty if in fact it can be proven the NSA has dirty and corrupted hands or dose he just deploy the notion the NSA and its affiliates are innocent of wrong doing and Snowden just being the criminal smo- no . Hopefully there is still time for such an internal investigation because in the end it will all come out and it will look bad on everyone and a lot of the smudging has begone there are only so many little fall guys . So once again straight out of the archives of RT I give you this video .


So if you live in the USA call your congressman or woman and give em an earful , pull up your birches and give them the old American what for and for all you foreigners you have britches to pull em up and scream in your consulates ear or whom ever you speak to about foreign affairs lets use our legal system the way it was intended lest we all be lost .

So have a happy Richard Stallman surfing day peace .


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