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A new health study has Ben done to see what ill effects if any fracking would have on near by residence .
But to me the evidence is quit prevalent and these new research studies which appear to be quit inconclusive is just a way to allow the companies to drag there feet and gain a further headway in government bureaucracy .
The companies insist the chemicals do not endanger human health .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you the Pennsylvania health study .



The North Dakota Accident

In North Dakota on the reservation 1 million gallons of oil drilling chemicals leaked onto the ground .
At fort Bert-hold Indian Reservation the surrounding vegetation was devastated killing grass trees and anything it came in contact with .
The leak also flowed into the Bear Den Bay were the reservation gets there drinking water although this has Ben downplayed as well .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you the North Dakota spill .




In my research I could find only one video relating to this accident , it dose appear they have downplayed this heavily .
In this video it shows only the attempt to get to the site and the devastation caused by increased traffic of the oil industries equipment .






In the next video I found it was put together with a Vietnam vet with some high credentials and at the on slot of his reports to Washington started a investigation to which was shot down by rule changing and government bureaucracy .
Although it is a bit lengthy and boring if you hang with the video you can see the government and state cover ups and denials as well as the medical evidence proven .




In Conclusion

So as you can see the evidence is already in although studies must continue in order to find health issues that are not yet prevalent .
But as you can see our own government is backing this industry in the name of greed and not caring of the devastation .
Our gas prices still soar over 3 dollars a gallon instead of $ 1.75 and the reason for this most of the oil and gas products are exported in the name of profit .
These health problems are the most dangerous but not the only ones .
There are housing issues and a jump of cost of living in the areas pushing local people out and causing employees to spend all earned moneys just to survive in the area while working entrapping them as well the infrastructures of city and townships are overburdened .
Realizing I am not the only one whom have written about the death and destruction fracking brings my My hopes are you would become knowledgeable to the problem so with that being said you can search this site for prior articles written , search term ( fracking ) .
We need to unit all none fossil fuel clean energy and market hard and rehab America and take the oil needle out of its arm .
Peace have a great none contaminated day if you can I am out .


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