Hacks of the Marketing Value


What is Marketing


Hmm quit a broad question there are many professionals acquainted within this area and many of them well worth the green back you pay them .
It is not the easiest job in the world it must be constantly evolving and and changing finding the things that reach out grasp a person and poke right in the eye or slap them in order two get them two take a second look ( in order to make someone think did they just do that ) or was it a mistake .


As of Recent

It appears I have ran into such a marketing campaign that I would like to share with you .
This defiantly garbed my attention , so much so it slapped me around poked me in the eye and left me in awe and staring not for the fact of its oddness but for the ( $$ dollar signs $$ ) I was seeing understanding the value of a good marketing campaign .

Being a Music Lover

As most Music reaches down and rips upon my sole , but as I was looking for something enticing to read that is wen it reached out and struck me a magazine not just any magazine a rolling stones magazine .
So what was so gravitating within the mag well let me just show you because sometimes it is the little things that make the difference .

Rolling Stones Magazine

showing Rolling Stone magazine the back of mag upside down marketing ploy

The Rolling Stones

And of course the Rolling stones have there own website with music straight out of there own vault so without further delay and a company with a great marketing value , straight out of the archives of the rolling stones I give you the rolling stones .

In Conclusion

Do not let your marketing become stagnant or if you have no marketing it is time to pick it up a notch and rake in the revenue .
I send many thanks two the rolling stones for without seeing your mag I would have never wrote this article .
So do as the Rolling Stones are doing market your dream baby for it is the backbone of any company .
Peace have a great day surfing the Rolling Stones wave whether it be from a marketing perspective or just to listen two some jamming music I am out .

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