Hacks From The Government

Utilization Organization The NSA

Where are we today and where were we yesterday ?
Most of us have heard the term ( well back in the day it was like this ) .
Well as time slowly goes by and each one of us ages we can think of a ( back in the day moment )
whether it was wen Sallyanne fell off the truck into a pile of horse manure or wen Jake got chased down by the family hog .
Even the most famous Edward Snowden has his back in the day moments although his more critical as he had put his life on the line .
So to bring more clarity to his struggling back in the day moment I give you straight out of the archives of the EFF Snowdens motivation .

Who Is Effected By Snowdens Back In The Day Moment

Dare I say it , Snowdens back in the day moment affects the whole world in some places more severe than others but our main focus is America at this time .
Wen you log on the Internet or make a phone call or play a video game , hash-tag and instant message all these things are tapped into and monitored and stored by the NSA .
I myself am not a lawyer but can see how this is very intrusive and detrimental to our society as a whole .
Recently I had the privilege of listening two Cindy Cohn on a pod-cast on the legal talk network .
She discussed legal issues and concerns and effects of the NSA and there Data collection and just how intrusive and abrasive it is to American freedoms whether it be with the common citizen or in the midst of our legal system with the confidently of lawyer to client relations .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of legaltalknetworks.com I give you Cindy Cohn .

In conclusion

Well as you can see or rather have heard the EFF represents approximately thirty thousand members so wen they go to Washington two speak on these issues such as but not limited to the NSA Data collection and the rights of Americans and the protection of the American legal system and the lawyer client privacy laws they are representing those thirty thousand .
So you ask what can you do ?
Good question , well of course you could become a member of the EFF to strengthen there ranks and or you can pass the word along about the fight for American Freedoms by word of mouth or writing blogs concerning the matter
Peace have a great day holding all our American rights close to our hearts I am gone .

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