Hacking WI/FI



Why is it done and who dose it ?
This is a very good question and I don’t have all the answers but I do have a few .
The first and utmost prevalent is of course is the common crook the bad guy trying to get to private information that should never be stored on a networked computer or phone which are but not limited to credit card information and identity theft information .
The second but not so obvious which affects everyone from the President on down to the common citizen walking down the road .
Our own Government Agencies , State and local law officials are hacking the WI/FI spectrum .
But before discussing WI/FI Hacking further we need to look at other things in order to get the whole picture .

Wire Tapping

Wire Tapping laws what are they and were did they come from ?
This being a good question I will look to wikipedia .

WI/FI Tapping

As you will be able to see there is a significant difference as in the laws and seem to be blatantly vague and confusing but theres two things is surely stated .
A ) Wire Tapping or surveillance in criminal or foreign applications are to be used in sever situations and not like a speed trap .
B ) At the bottom of the wikipedia Paige it states it is harder to do wiretapping because a warrant is required .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of wire tapping .




What dose it mean and who uses it ?
Well for one government officials but the big question remains is this a way for the government to plead the fifth and is it being abused ?
These are tough questions at critical times .
But then were did I come up with such concerns ?
This is a good question within itself .
But first we must understand the risk .

The Risk

I wont discuss all of them but by mentioning a few I feel confident you can connect the dots together from there .
1 ) The right to private council , if your lawyer carries any device in the midst of council chances are the state or the other side could be listening giving no chance for defense innocent or not .
2 ) As our politicians meet to discuss the wants and rights of the people as they carry there devices this could be compromised bringing the USA closer to a kingship error .
These types of problems effect every given right handed down by our American Four Fathers in protection it was for the people of the people and not a kingship government or a billionaire group controlling everyone for there needs and beliefs .
By all means these types of spying and espionage have there place for example in war torn regions .
Right now it appears everyone is being forced to sign disclaimers in fears of wen it all comes to light they wont be sued or held responsible or thought badly of but this only undermines there own perspective for whether you work for the CIA , FBI or the NSA or your the President of the United States either you or your relatives are citizens as well as human .

Back To The WI/FI Hack

A company called Harrison had developed a device called a Sting Ray .
The FBI teamed up with the FCC and decided to arm State and local law enforcement with this tool under the understanding they could only use it as evidence under the discretion of the FBI .
Leaving great portions of there disclaimers redacted and blanked out .
Before the big WI/FI push everyone was wired in ( hard wired ) two which according to wikipedia as you seen requires a warrant as should WI/FI .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of the of muckrock but supplied by the EFF I give you the WI/FI hack of the century .


The Harris Corporation

Here is a link to the 5 billion dollar a year corporation if you would like to give them a look see .


In Conclusion

In writing this article I mean no harm to any entity or persons whether it be Government or otherwise but only to inform and educate everyone from the right to the left two the top to the bottom how the heal of this churns to scrub out all rights of Americans as we know them and have fought so diligently to protect .
Peace have a great day , keep safe holding all of our freedoms close and abreast to our hearts I am out .


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