Hacking Vulnerability

Whom is at Risk

Dare I say the whole world and or anyone that uses a device known to man to deliver and understand computed algorithms .
For years major scientists have worked two keep us secure by developing new security algorithms and then hackers of every colored hat community have worked hard in order two find fault with in them for the purpose of criminal activity or two improve security .

Back two the great Hack

Now I will tell you what made me feel like I had bamboo sticks shoved my nostrils in order two expand them ( So as to be a hunting dog taking big sniffs of a trail finally found ) BOW WOW , BOW WOW .
So bring it fourth and to the home base for most and even the workplace especially if you work for a company that contains ( HIGHLY SENSITIVE DATA ) or if your in the ( POLITICAL and our JURIDICAL ) arena .
This totally encompasses All :
Cell phones , laptop PC , Desktops and but limited to all networks .

Security and Algorithms

Security everyone knows this term from one extant two another but Algorithms few may be familiar although they work hand in hand in conjunction with certificates .
Right now as we speak the whole safety of ( THE UNITED STATES ) hangs in the bare whiskers of the ( ALGORITHM ) set so low and so order by by the Clinton administration back in the 90ds .
Wen I read this particular statement I was like what as my jaw hit the floor .
And thinking no this couldn’t be true I just had two see for myself so I quickly did a search and sure enough after a little reading there it was ( An argument of sorts stated between the NSA and other supposed security officiates ) Concerning the length of ( Algorithm keys ).

The break Down


OK the most immediate threat is two the common cell phone user android or I phone user and or network that utilizes ( APPS ) using an exploit called ( FREAK ) can run havoc freak runs hand in hand with HTTPS but this is only one of many two surface with such short Algorithms .
I first read about freak and the orders from as far back as the Clinton administration from none other than arstechnica so without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the HAVOC STRIKING FREAK .
And for the argument two collaborate the statement of the Clinton administration ( Once on this Paige scroll down to reference point : Symmetric algorithm key lengths ) without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the NSA demand two keep Algorithm keys short .
So know were talking about brute force attack and on these lower algorithms all you need is a simple cell phone in order two carry it out .
And if you happened two notice the NSA setting the pace for top security clearance ( at reference mark : Asymmetric algorithm key lengths ) this is the poppy cock field .
For the essence of stating an APP is an APP as software is two software an algorithm key length must come two the lower level two communicate and even at that for top security those levels are way low for this day and age .
I also ran into this very interesting conversation just for a little geek reading from a security company the conversation about the android L straight out of the archives of security.stackexchange .

Welcome two the Crypto war

Thats right the ( Crypto war ) still being wage as I write and this war dose not seem like it will end anytime soon although Google and apple have made certain rectifying adjustments there is still plenty that needs to be done .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the great CRYPTO WARS .

In Conclusion

So as we hang within the whisker of a short algorithm key we must all look two the NSA and than as we await there use of the quantum computers and knowing others are not far behind this leaves all fundamentals of computing at risk to cyber attacks from the common device user to the most top secure information and possibly corrupting our Owen criminal justice system .
All of these electronic hack heists including target and banks and so on are due to this short algorithm .
First what needs two be done , certificates need two be checked and if your still running at the level the Clinton administration allowed you should bump it up two what the NSA now allows .
Peace have a great safe and secure day riding the SHORT ALGORTHIM KEY wave I am out .

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