Hacking UNICEF


Helping The Underprivileged

I remember back in the day we used to get the UNICEF box’s from our local school and go door to door looking for donations for UNICEF to help feed and cloth and school the less fortunate in other countries .
But unfortunately the worlds not the same as it was wen we were younger but if you would like to donate here is there website were you can do so .
Straight out of the archives of supportunicef .







The Update

Amongst UNICEF many challenges they have surprisingly Ben able to supply Uganda children quit the lift in education with some technology features and there about to upgrade those features adding solar power and charge-ability for other devices .
This is great news being you never know were the next great mind will come from .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you hacking UNICEF .







In Conclusion

Some might think this is quit odd but lets remember Education is paramount to all in growth and behavior with in a society and the world .
Have a great day surfing UNICEF peace I am out .


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