Hacking Playfully From The American Government


Fracking In America

It didn’t start here were it all started I am not sure .
But what I am sure of it is now here in Americas back yard polluting Americas water , soil and diminishing our food product and ways to survive all do to job growth and the American Dollar .
While the American Government holds a blind eye and tries to bring oversight and regulations .
And President Obama and his Administration are apparently looking into the matter of contaminated ground water and the perspective increase in earthquakes caused by fracking according to sedgwick law there placing the word ( Green ) in front of fracking how ironic .
So without further delay I bring you the play down straight out of the archives of sedgwick law .





But Will It Be Enough

But will it be enough or is it to late , I say for some it is already as they are in the midst suffering the consequences of contaminated soil and water , air and the spread of radioactive waste material .
And as they await the affirmative health problems such as but not limited to nerve damage .
For further reading on this subject I will refer you to fracking six and as well you can use the search engine at the top left hand of this site search ( fracking ) for all relating articles .




Fracking 6



So as you can see as the Obama Administration contemplates on earthquake interaction and soil and water contamination the evidence is already in .
Oversight and regulations are great but these companies have already Ben avoiding proper permits and regulations and there is to much at stake to take the chance in my opinion .




Google has Ben up two some good things in the effort of sniffing out methane and I applaud them them but could they do more ?
For this I refer you to Google Sniffs Out Methane .



Google Sniffs Out Methane







Bringing It All Together

So how could this all be happening ?
While we see and understand how fracking is being allowed in Americas back yard we must also view other facts to put all the dots together .
1 ) The Governments NSA program of snooping and spying on every American citizen .
2 ) The Militarization of all police forces .
3 ) Global affairs .
If you look at Global Affairs and see the issue Russia faces with America in the Arctic on precious oil and metal and look towards the Petro Dollar and consider the fact with the lack of concern for other societies the American Government has had how much concern will the American Government have for there own citizens in the name of greed .



The Petro Dollar

I ran across this site discussing the Petro Dollar on the RT Google + site , it was a link posted in the comment section on a video witch for some reason yellow lined at the end of the add ( BTW I don’t know what causes this yellow line malfunction ) But two put things into perspective this site talks about the relationship to the American Dollar and Oil , Gold and precocious metals and the training of ISIS .
So check it .







In Conclusion

So if you had the stamina to digest all these facts and connect the dots and if this makes sense not to me but you the reader and yes I said ( YOU ) then I ask this one question is this what Nickleback had in mind wen they wrote this song ?



In any event whether your an Officer of the law or work for the government or just someone who flips burgers these events effect all of us .
The question of ponder-meant how do we overcome these issues to insure the safety and sovereignty of our families and friends to insure all freedoms and rights are intact and preserved as well as health for generations to come or is it to late ?
Peace I be way , way , WAY GONE .


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