Hacking And Beyond 2015

Hackings uplifted Motion

Hacking in general has appeared to have an uplifting motion since Edward Snowden took Asylum in Russia .

Although some would be quick to point the finger one way or the other at Edward Snowden most of the leaks given by him brought the Hacking to a prevalent state .

The relative motion of Hacking

And I am not talking about the playful manipulation hacking or the Ethical hacker but the down right dastardly dead of a hacker that is criminal in nature .
In the year 2013 Edward Snowden had Ben granted Asylum in Russia and the information concerning back doors left open in order to spy on Americans and foreigners alike .
This brought a motion of awareness because while everyone was scratching there head saying how in the world was I hacked the Government was keeping it hush hush because it was the same back door they used .
So this part of the motion was brought to light purely by the awareness factor which purely shows someone was playing or hiding the numbers .
In the midst between 2013 to the present virus companies felt it best and pony up to the fact they were being over run and losing the battle .
The other thing that perpetuates this motion are short Algorithm Security Keys .
The Government has kept these keys short so it is easy to hack into any system and it has Ben said all it takes is one smart phone to break through them .
Of course once there quantum computers come on line this may all change but will it matter ?
Who else will have the use of a quantum computer or better by than?
One can only ponder .

CMS Hacking

First before discussing this CMS hacking we must first understanding the meaning of CMS .
CMS stands for Content Management System and helps us to control many different platforms .
In order to bring a clearer picture I bring the meaning of Content System Management straight out of the archives of wikipedia .
CMS protocols are used not only within the public realm but also with many private business and government and none profit organizations , stores and banks .
Now that you understand hacking in functional motion it is time I bring you Hacking The CMS in 2014 straight out of the archives of Securityintellagence .

In Conclusion

It dose not appear things will get much better as long as the Algorithm security keys stay short and the Government insists on leaving back doors open .
Hacking will continue to escalate at an alarming rate but there are ways to be prepared for such problems .
1 ) Make your backups of ( Server and local infrastructure )
2 ) Keep things up to date but be cautious ( some updates come out to soon here what people say first )
3 ) Do your penetrating testing
I think I have about covered everything but I could have missed a few things feel free to comment and let me know .
Peace have a great day riding the HACKING wave I am out .

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