Hackers Networks and Penetrating

Hackers Whom are They

Richard Stallman describes hackers as someone whom playfully manipulates a computer system and or software .
But within the 20th century our world society as a whole become ( labelers ) putting labels on everyone and everything .
As our world grows with its dependency on the INTERNET the secrets of the hackers and organized hacker groups have come to light for the most part .
Basically there are three types of hackers :
1 ) Black Hats
2 ) White Hats
3 ) Grey Hats
1 ) Black Hats are said to be the bad guys ( sometimes called Crackers ) Stealing Data and damaging Networks .
2 ) White Hats refer two the supposed good guys , they usually run Penetrating testing and other tests to ensure the security of a given Network .
3 ) Grey Hats fall somewhere between the ( White ) and ( Black ) Hats reporting all security issues to the proper people or organization giving ample time for the organization two fix what ever issues before going public .
So as to give everyone a clearer picture I give you the definition of hackers straight out of the archives of wikipedia .

Who Penetrates Networks

Well this is a good question .
There are many people from the bad guys ( criminals ) two the supposed good guys ( local law enforcement and the Governments NSA organization ) .
Local law enforcement use stingray devices pretending two be cell phone towers to gather info to supposedly fight crime and is said two be hidden by the FBI under the National Security Act .
The NSA penetrates Internet Networks collecting Data under the same premises ( National Security ).

Extreme Network Penetration

I had recently written an article a New High Tech Distance development with the use of submarine cables and within my research for that article I noticed some of the ways that the Government had Ben flexing there muscle two which I am calling Extreme Penetration .
In the beginning use of Submarine Cables Washington flexed there muscle by demanding a higher voltage be sent threw the cables two which short circuited the whole system .
And at the start of the 19 century the Government stepped up there Intelligence gathering by cutting cables in order to reroute all transmissions threw there specific lines and during war times some countries have tried two bomb these lines in order to break off communication two the rest of the world .
Two bring a clearer picture on all of this , straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you two reference points once on the wikipedia site scroll down to :
1 ) Bandwidth Problems
2 ) Intelligence Gathering
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Submarine Communication Cables .

Whom Should be doing Penetrating Testing

Dare I say ( YOU ) Especially if own a business and retain Highly sensitive Data and or Account information for patrons .
For some this could seem like a tedious and Expensive task but arstechnica has apparently found just the ticket to pull it all together with the new PWN Plug R3 .
Arstechnia actually describes using an earlier model the PWN Plug R2 in order two see if the NSA was penetrating there Network .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the Network Penetrating Tool .

In Conclusion

Hopefully you noticed that arstechnica article was a two page document with a discussion and visual aids of there findings , a must see page so if you didn’t notice return scroll to the bottom and click next .
The first thing two do is to discover what devices are connected two your Network being these devices blend right in .
Have a nice day keeping your vital and highly sensitive Data safe and riding the Network Penetrating wave I am out .

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