Hackers Greed Becomes Your Bounty

Security company looking for Hackers Greed

jaw dropping

My jaw hit the floor as i read about the zero day exploits wanted by security company and the greed of hackers

My jaw about hit the floor I mean this whole time wen I here security company I am thinking they are the good guys there to serve and protect . Most people think in there mind ( Security Company ) and picture them as doctor whom has taken an oath to protect humanity or that of a Godly man in search to do what is right . But unfortunately that is not always the case .


Some companies do just the opposite although they run under the cover of an ethical title do very sinister things . One said start up company according to wired is Zerodium .

$ 1 Million dollars for a hackers Greed

hackers greed

security company looks for greed in hackers for zero day exploit to sell to highest bidder

Sure enough it is a hard struggle in this days economy and many hackers alike would drool over such a event and dollar figure . Who knows if the hackers in question were aware of the sinister plains of Zerodium ? The plain according to wired was to offer $ 1 Million Dollars to any group of Hackers that could create a Zero Day exploit for IOS . Everyone could be thinking this is a great idea because it would be further protection and Apple users and other IOS users would be ahead of the game . Not so fast the exploits are to be sold to the highest bidder and heres what the list may look like .
1 ) I Phone users ( and those whom secure it ) not .
2 ) Apple ( and there security teams ) not .
3 ) Governments ( for spying and espionage ) Yes .
4 ) NSA ( for spying and espionage ) Yes .
5 ) Criminals ( for sinister use ) maybe .
I love start up companies do not get me wrong but some can just leave a bad taste in your mouth from the get go . Without further delay straight out of the archives of weird I give you HACKERS GREED BECOMES YOUR BOUNTY .

Eliminating the hackers Greed


Stingray device used to eliminate middle man the greed of hackers


This is a hard thing to do for anyone to eliminate ones Greed , most people are just trying to get by and make a better life for family and friends and hackers are no different . The governments around the world want to get rid of the high priced middle man ( hacker for higher ) . The reason behind this is escalated by the trim the fat of our governments movements but it is hard for them to drop the espionage factor so they use tools like the stingray . To prove this point please enjoy this nice video straight out of the archives of RT on the use of stingrays .



But wait theres more in the midst of getting rid of the middle man ( The hackers Greed ) there is a beta test ongoing in Britain geared to come to America and beyond soon . Your browsing history being needled buy the governments , please sit back and enjoy another nice little video straight out of the archives of RT and there legal affiliate .



In Conclusion

The reason I labeled this article “ HACKERS GREED “ is quit simple really . Money once known as the root of all evil waved in front of intelligent hackers with which knowledge they could make any amount they want without selling out the world of Technology . The bounty has Ben set and payed and it is your head and Data they look for as well as your freedoms . So it makes me wonder of the security company that set the bounty and those of the Hackers in the midst of there Greed what privacies can you and your families do without for even you and them will be under such an exploit ? Ether by the government or other sinister people and let us not forget after all it is just software .
Peace stay safe and have a nice day riding the wave of the ZERO DAY HACKERS

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