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Recently on my Google + page I seen a post saying the USA was considering visa restrictions to the Chinese in order to stop them from attending the Def Con Hackers Conference and other white and black hat conventions geared for this summer do to the supposed alleged hacking attacks against the USA business and infrastructure .
So straight out of the archives of venturebeat i give you the visa restriction .


So I decided to see what all the hype was about and headed directly to Def Con Conference website , to which I found to be a cool looking well put together site but there seemed to be something missing by that I mean there didn’t seem to be anything that raised my eyebrow or which really struck my interest or maybe I just didn’t look deep enough with the short look so here you go check it your self .
Right out of the archives of defcon i give you the deeper look .


But in any event I felt there must be something to all the hoopla so I decided to check out an earlier Hackers Convention page dated January 17 to the 19 2014. I found this page to be more structured although not as graphically enhanced they have a nice list of every speaker and the forgoing topic to be presented and in viewing the topics that is where it reached out slapped me in the face poked me in the eye and physically raised my eye brow .
Straight out of the archives of shmoocon .




Dominic Spill was to give a speech on an open affordable man in the middle device called FaceDancer this is what struck me I hadn’t heard of this device so immediately I did a search for FaceDancer the first page I stumbled across I found intriguing only to discover this why the name was as such .
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia i give you FaceDancer .


I continued to the official FaceDancer page to find Travis Goodspeed created a usb development tool called FaceDancer that allows your python programs too pretend to be usb hardware as well as the site being well put together with a lot of other goodies such as a search bar for hacks and videos, one video jumped write out at me was of an interview with Bunnie talking about the Novena that he and Sean “xobs” Cross had Ben working on , so take a look and maybe get your feet wet .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of hackaday i give you the usb development tool .


For all the technical data and specs i will refer you to Travis goodspeeds blog .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of travisgoodspeed i give you emulating usb devices with python .

In Conclusion

Well I am not sure if visa restriction would even work theses days I mean think of it , to be some where you do not have to physically be there .
For the most part you can do today’s ( teleporting ) via Google Hangouts , face time via I phone just to mention a few .
Have a great day surfing the hackers conference wave I am out .


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