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Put It In One Box


The gamer ultimate dream , all consoles at there fingertips whether it be an x-box 360 , x-box 1 or the playstaition 4 .
An all in one box , well a gentlemen by the name of Edward Zarick has taken his know how in just that direction .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the x-box and playstaition 4 in one box .

I Was Intrigued But needed More

It seemed two me this project was some type of major breakthrough you know the kind you would find say in the medical field were millions would cheer for decades . ( but I had to find more clarity ) .
And within seconds of my Google search , most amazingly I found a how to video put out by none other than Edward Zarick .

What Was used

Well from what I seen on the video .
1 ) 3-D Printer
2 ) Solder Gun
3 ) Glue
The reason this project became even more intriguing two me is because all of the above tools are hobby-is-tic in nature ( by that I mean easy to learn for the common person ) .
The reason I am pointing this out before sharing this video is because wen most of you see the video most likely you will start drooling .

No 3 – D Printer

Owe dang but wait , All is not lost there are a couple of alternatives you could try .
1 ) Check with your local UPS office some of them have 3 – D printers available for public use .
2 ) A quick Google search will render other companies that offer 3 – D printer services .

Don’t know How To Solder

 So you say you do not know how to solder , well like I said it can easily be learned and believe me once you learn two solder it is like a whole new dimension is available .
I found this nice little video on the basics of soldering enjoy .

Back two the Video

This how two video might be a bit lengthy but well worth the watch if your interested .
So without further delay I give you the all in one box how to video by Edward Zarick .

In Conclusion

Is there anything to be concerned about ?
From what I could see there shouldn’t be , it appears he was just unplugging everything and putting it in a new box not changing or adding any significant hardware or software features .
But here is were caution should be taken :
1 ) If during the process you run into a situation were you have to manipulate software or hardware do your home work first .
2 ) Say your main motive two try this project derives from a bad x-box hard drive and the awesome convenience of everything at your fingertips .
The caution ( Microsoft makes the hard drive restricted ) so if you put a new hard drive in wrong it blocks that hard drive and renders it useless .
I do believe the push to bring the 3-D printer into every household will bring fourth new jobs , new ambition and Entrepreneurship within the likes that has never Ben before .
So if you own a 3-D printer here is another idea and if your considering getting a 3-D printer this is another reason why you should .
But as always it is not up two me it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) to dream your dream to create , invent and make that green back cha – ching peace I am out .

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