Hack American Spin To The Whole Picture


Mexican Boarder

In this article were going to try to look at the whole picture you know everything thats going on to hopefully get a clearer picture .
But first were starting at the Mexican boarder because that is were supposedly the threat is most immanent according to many resource’s .
This first website from the archives of the nationalreview claims isis is already in Mexico check it out .







Militarizing of The Police

Now if any of these claims are true I can understand this as being a strategic move by the American Government .
Although there has Ben some misuse and abuse going on and there is an organization trying to minimize what types of armament the police can receive .
Straight out of the archives of RT check it out .





Now Lets Talk NATO

There has Ben NATO operations going on in the Black sea for a while now with one ship being part of the US Navy which violated the Montreux convention of 1936 by 11 days .
As more ships head to the Black sea in upcoming days .
So check this out straight out of the archives of RT I give you NATO operations in the Black sea .







NATO Recruiting

Now as all this activity is going on in the Black Sea by NATO the UK heightens its security level while within the same stroke masses a NATO force of 10,0000 troops supposedly to counter the Russians in Ukraine .
Check this out straight out of the archives of RT .







In conclusion

Some are saying isis is already in America But who knows .
Do all these situations hold any merit combined together well it sure seems like they do with Russia buzzing the American coast line and air space .
The Russians have already Ben asking the question how has the Ukraine Army come up with American plaid nifty state of the art weapons .
So I pounder who really is isis or rather whom are they part of ?
But once again I am just a writer trying to bring the bigger picture it is up to you yes I said ( YOU ) the reader to decide .
I be way , way , way out peace I am gone .


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